Sunday, April 24, 2016

My first DNF

Oak Barrel in Tennessee is a very hard race to register for. They only register 1400 people and it filled up within 6 hours this year. 
BUT, I was one of those 1400!!! (They actually had 1600 people register because they couldnt take down the registration fast enough)

My daughter and I left late Thursday night and drove 5 hours before stopping for the night. During the night I got sick. I started vomiting and didn"t get much sleep. The next day my daughter drove most of the way to Tullahoma TN. 

Packet pick up was at Jack Daniel's Distillery. It was a gorgeous place. Due to traffic congestion we arrived to late for the tours. But the grounds were gorgeous! 

After we picked up our packets we drove to the park to make sure we could find it the next day.


We picked up our bibs and shirt (a very nice pullover) and went to Walmart for a snack and back to the hotel. I ate several pretzels but couldn't stomach much more. Went back to the hotel to rest. 

I contemplated not running the race due to my stomach, but I knew I would regret it!
SO my daughter and I decided to walk it. 

The first 3 miles were great. We met Jimmy.  This was his first half marathon. He was walking too. We stayed with him for a while, and then he stopped at a water stop and we kept going. Starting around mile 4 you climb Whiskey Hill. ITS A STEEP HILL!! It starts out gradually, but the last push it steep. If you lean forward your nose scrapes the ground. As I crested the hill Highway to Hell was blaring from the radio. PERFECT!! Whiskey Hill has its own facebook page.  

Jimmy caught us on Whiskey Hill, and pulled ahead. He was smart to conserve his energy early in the race. He finished just before the cut off. 

At mile 9 I heard my daughter breathing labored. Not exhaustion breathing, but asthma breathing. She was also limping. Later we found a blood blister and regular blister on her feet. We were coming up to a water stop and she decided to stop. I could tell it was heartbreaking, but it was the right decision. 

By this time I was at the back of the pack. Last, except for the sweeper, and a sweet lady who was walking IN A BOOT!! She had sprained her ankle and was walking in a boot!!! 

I started feeling nauseous again, and new I couldn't finish. I dropped out at the 11 mile water station. I hung my head as I got a ride to the finish area. 

I wanted that medal so bad!! They are so unique!! And I drove 10 hours to get there!!! 
Blood blister on side of foot.
Fluid blister on other foot.