Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pre Empty Nest

Pre Empty Nest almost again round 2 or is it 3.

My daughter moved out of the house this week. Well, started moving out. And she's just up the street several blocks.
She has never "officially" moved out before. She left for four years of college. Came home for 9 months, and then went to Asia for a year. Then back home for 4 months.

She moved in with her best friend. This move feels more permanent. Shes taking ALL her stuff, and IM TAKING OVER HER ROOM!! (Well, actually my son who is away from college is taking her room and Ill take his) BUT, she wont have a ROOM to call hers anymore.

This is a picture of her spot in the kitchen. A little Mother Hubbard ish!!

Feels scary, exciting, sad, happy, ..... so many emotions all rolled into one.

One son is getting married in July and he will move out, again.
Younger son will home from college this summer, and then go to Arizona for a year.


My goals are on track for 2016.

Ive been getting 8 hours of sleep every night. Sometimes chores arent finished when I go to bed, BUT, Im not getting younger and I want my rest!!!

I did three days of training for my half marathon. I was hoping for three days running and two cross training. Cross training didnt happen. One of my coworkers had a death in her family so I pulled some extra hours so she could have off. BUT, I DID the minimum three days!!!

Lunch every day. Made it every day but one. I now have a box of Cheerios and a quart of milk at work. No more excuses to not eat lunch!!

I haven't decided if Im going to share my weight, or just the ups and downs.
I need to have an official weigh in.

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  1. Woo hoo for getting in your three days of your half marathon training!

    You have a busy year ahead of you don't you???? :-)


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