Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hot Chocolate Run

The Philadelphia Hot Chocolate Run. April 4, 2015.

I won an entry into the Philadelphia Hot Chocolate 15K/5K. from Laura at Project Lovely Laura.
There was a bit of a mixup and I didn't hear from Ram Racing until the end of February. By then most of the affordable hotel rooms where taken. I have never ridden a subway and had no idea how to maneuver around Philly, so I bit the bullet and paid a bit more than I normally would for a room.

I asked my friend to go with me, but her boyfriend was having surgery, so I ended up in Philly all by myself.
I had a blast walking around.

Packet pick up first. It was pretty much empty. I didnt see the chocolate covered marshmallows I had heard about. Bib pickup was very easy!! They pulled printed your bib while you were standing there.
Jacket is wonderful. Warm. Love it!!
Most of the touristy houses/buildings were closed, but I still looked around. I want to go back and explore and stay longer.

My kids got me hooked on National Treasure!! The Clock Tower!

On the way back to the hotel I grabbed some Panera Bread soup and then crawled into bed by 8PM. 

The next morning it was easy to find the start line!! I just followed the stream of people. 

Met up with the group from Running with Curves. What a great group of women!! 

It was cold and very very windy. We lined up and the 5K started first, then the 15K. Due to my estimated finish time I was in the WAY BACK. Coral T to be exact.  Who did I find myself beside but the famous Jill Angie!! She is normal down to earth and open and honest!! It was a pleasure to chat with her for 30 + minutes. She hinted to me that my 2:30 intervals may be to much. (Wish I had listened to her!!) Not sure why I thot that anything less made me less of a runner. 
As we stood there chatting I was starting to panic. I was afraid I wouldnt make it back to the hotel for check out. 
After we started the out and back loop I heard several on the return giggling and wondering why people would sign up for a race if they were going to walk. That didnt sit well, but I continued on. The water stops were picked over, but  there were chocolate chips and water. 

I finally crossed the finish line. AND PICTURES ARE FREE!!!I looked miserable, because I was. It was cold, and I was ready to be finished!! 
Time 2:19.13  
I stood in line for a finishers cup of hot chocolate, but it was moving slow, and I had to get back to the hotel. So I missed the finish line goodies. 
Im not sure if I would do another Hot Chocolate Run. There was a  lot of hype and I expected more. BUT, part of that was my fault. Got to packet pickup later in the day, and shouldve stayed an extra day to enjoy the after festivities.