Friday, October 24, 2014


Im a planner
I make lists of all kinds, Grocery, Christmas, To Do, Running (that was a year ago)

I set Saturday, October 25th as my goal creation deadline! What do I want to do for me? This wasnt a fly by the night list, it may look quirky, but I wanted this to be achievable, real, achievable, to push me a bit, and achievable. YES, I know I said achievable thrice. Im one of those people who say, If I dont think I will succeed, I wont even try.

Mindy Bobe of Road Runner Girl has a link up every Monday called The Weekly Chase. I will link up with my specific goals for that week.
And every Wednesday Ashley, and Heather host a link up for Wednesday Weigh In. I will link up with them.

The following is my general plan.*

Spiritual: Read one chapter or daily devotional and spend more time in prayer (NOT bedtime fall to sleep prayer) edit: My book is Faithfully Fit: A 40 Day Devotional Devotional Plan to end Yo Yo Dieting.
Physical: Run/Walk to train for a half marathon in May. Reach 10,000 steps on my fit bit every day but Thursday. (I work 14 hours this day and it will be a rest day)
Food: Increase fruits and vegetables (Lately Im getting NONE!!), only ONE dessert type serving a day, and only ONE portion of anything other than veggies per meal. Track on My Fitness Pal. You can follow me here  .
Mental: Sleep minimum of 8 hours every night.
Wellness: Vitamins. Im no longer as young as I think I am. Im closing in on 50 and its time to take my daily vitamins. And properly clean my face and moisturize it. Those wrinkles are showing!

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