Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Gained Weight

I gained weight.  Im back to where I was in March 2013. Its time to assess and get my junk together!!

I dont know why blogger keeps turning it around. BUT. there it is 202.8

What is different? What am I doing now that I didnt do 6 months ago? What am I not doing now that I did 6 months ago?

Im not:
Blogging consistently.
Running/Walking consistently
Juicing... NOT as a cleanse, but as a way to get my veggies and fruits.
Tracking on My Fitness Pal
Making weekly goals
Posting my weekly weight.

Im doing:
Eating more desserts
Eating lots of candy
Working 70 hours a week instead of 40.
Planning fundraisers for Ambers mission trip.
Planning the 5K for church

Goals posted tonight!!!!
Support Amber's Mission Trip. www.amberhershberger.theworldrace.org


  1. If anyone can get things turned around, it's you. I'll get my pom-poms dusted off so I can cheer you on.

  2. You know what you need to do. You've got this!!!!!

  3. You can do it Deb. Did it once for practice, do it now for life. And who am I to talk, I'm in the start over mode too.
    Can't wait to read what's next. You go girl.


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