Sunday, February 23, 2014

Clif Bars

I won!!!!!!!!!

Erica from Life as a Running Mom hosted a Lara Bar giveaway, and I WON!!
I received 5 Sierra Trail Mix bars.

Yesterday I was running late for work, so I grabbed one as I ran out the door. Delicious!!!
I'm not a bar loving girl, but I would definitely eat these!! and buy them!! I have had their MOJO bars in the past and I LOVE them too!!

(I ate one before the picture was taken!!)
From the website. Gary, the owner, was on a 175 mile bike ride and was tired of gnawing on the energy bar he had. He decided to make his own. The following is taken directly from their website.

How are CLIF BARs different from other bars?
Why are CLIF BARs made with 70% organic ingredients?

Speaking of their website, its full of fun information.
They have a marathon pace team, they are involved in many communities and do countless hours of volunteer service.

Support Amber's Mission Trip.


  1. Congrats!! It's so much fun winning something and you liked them, that's even better.
    Have a good week Deb and I hope you don't have to skip meals to many times. Not good for you!!

  2. I actually like Clif bars....they are one of the only bars I WILL eat. Not that I eat them a lot..but they do come in handy!

  3. I usually have the naked bar or the trek bars just recently a gym friend shared a new recipe for protein bars...will try making them this week, till then I will go looking for clif bars :)

  4. Yeah!!!

    I love the Clif Mojo bars...peanut butter is the favorite.

  5. I like Cliff bars, too. I only use them when I am on a long ride. They are full of protein! My favorite is coconut-chocolate chips.


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