Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Caramelized Carrots

My make a change is to try new veggies or a new way to prepare them. I 'like' raw carrots, but can only eat so many of them. A friend told me to try to caramelize them.  She said that gives them a sweet taste.  SO off to google I went, and this is the recipe I found.

 Cut the carrots in equal disks or diagonally.  Put some oil in the pan and turn to medium high.  Add dry, room temp carrots and shake the pan for 5 minutes.

 This was the end result. Also had some spaghetti squash.
The carrots were ok. Next time I will add some honey, or a small amount of brown sugar.  I think I had to many carrots in the pan too.  I will absolutely try this again.

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  1. Nice work trying different veggies. I love carrots mashed with a little potato and onion. That is way the Dutch eat them. Super yummy especially with our cold winter.

  2. well, I thought they were pretty great. so was the spaghetti squash with all those wonderful spices in it!

  3. I add the brown sugar and LOVE them!!!


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