Sunday, January 12, 2014

Two challenges, both a bust

Two challenges this week. Both a flop.

First the miles. I was doing great, had six miles by Wednesday night. THEN on Thursday at work, I was in the basement, lifting a box with some patient charts, and all the sudden I was on my knees. I have NO idea what I did, but my back HURT!!! I couldnt breathe, felt like the air was knocked out of me. I knelt there for what seemed like hours, but Im sure was only a few minutes, and slowly stood up. My back hurt worse when I was standing straight than when I was at a 90 degree angle. I took some slow breaths and straightened up and step by painful step made it back upstairs. I popped some ibuprofen and had the Nurse Practitioner examine me.  (Workers Comp mandates this).

Thankfully some strong Ibuprofen and some muscle relaxers and Im feeling better today. Still some twinges depending how I move, or when my linebacker of a son jumps on me. SO, no running, no exercises, no yoga, no nothing but sitting and standing, and of course, eating since Wednesday.

For the Make a change Challenge, I decided to eat some brussels sprouts. I used this recipe.  I also sprinkled some with Garlic Salt.
My oven must be way off temp wise, cause after only 15 minutes they were burned! I still tryed them, and well, they were, icky!! To mushy in the middle. I could handle the ones that I cut in half to start with, but those whole ones, IICCKKK.  BUT I will try them again, Id like to try them on the grill.
Any other recipe ideas?


  1. Just heal first Deb. Than get back to your running.
    I am proud of you for even trying one of those crispy critters. On the grill is awesome and try roasting them again in the oven, when you get a different one or a thermometer to check the temp.
    Keep going girl. Remember this week our mini challenge is eat your veggies every day. Me too!!

  2. Hope your back feels better very soon!

  3. Oh your poor back! I usually have mine go out while picking up a sock or something. :)

  4. Yikes!!! Take care of your back!!!

    I tried brussel sprouts a few years ago for a foodie challenge...and had very similar experience. Let me know when you find a good recipe...I'll try them again!

  5. So sorry about your back. I've had pretty major back issues on and off for the last 8 years and it sucks. Take it easy, or you will reinjure yourself.

    I hate brussel sprouts with every part of me. LOL...those look pretty bad.

  6. Sorry about your back Debs! Hope you are feeling better! Good for you for trying those new recipes!


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