Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Runs for Cookies

I took it very easy for my run. This was the first one since hurting my back. My schedule called for Run 1 walk 4. For each of my runs I would increase my speed. I actually did the fastest minute at 6.3 speed, which I havent done in a LONG time.!!
47.28 was my time. Kinda funny, at first I was embarrassed and wasnt going to to post about it because Im to late for prizes, BUT, Ive always said to everyone else, it doesnt matter the time. You did it!!

I was inside on the treadmill because it was SO COLD!!!! 

I was late getting my entry recorded, so I wasnt included in the drawing for the prizes. Subscription to Runners World. BUT, she had over 600 entrants, my chances were pretty slim!!


  1. Nice job getting your run in!

  2. Great work getting in that run!! :)

  3. Good job on the run! I'm not sure I'd actually run for a cookie :p haha.. I need a bigger prize to get this big butt moving :p

  4. It doesn't matter the time, you got up and moved your butt. That's what count. I am proud of you. How is your back feeling? I hope getting stronger by the day.
    Take care my friend.


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