Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get in the picture!!

I challenge you to GET IN FRONT of the camera!!! A few months ago I was reading a Huffington post article, (cant find it now) about a lady who was in a car accident. She hated having her picture taken, and it struck a chord with me!

Family gatherings, church picnics, graduations, birthday parties. Im always holding the camera. Why? Because I want to take the picture not be in the picture. I dont say its because I think I'm fat, but thats the real reason!! I always find an excuse, or hide behind something!!

I was looking at my kids photo albums and I see less and less of  me, and more and more of others.
I look at my sons baby book, and I can count on my hand, the number of pictures I can see of me with him!! When he shows these pictures to his kids, they will laugh and talk about all the people, but I wont be there!!

When I look at these pictures, yes I see an over weight woman, BUT I also see me at my daughters graduation!! Me with my best friend at out very first 5K. Shes battling the effects of leukemia, and I look at this picture with so many memories!! It makes me a bit sad to see my size, but it also makes me smile!!

I get it, you dont want to see yourself 'like this'. BUT, this is who you are, right now!!! Today. This minute, this is who you are. Dont say, 'when I lose 10 lbs, or 50 lbs, when I have my hair combed, when I have my make up on." Be real. This is you!! You gained weight since high school, have grey hair, have a muffin top, lost hair? Accept it!! Change it if you can/want.

Stop depriving future generations of you! Life will continue with or without you!! Whats more important 10 or 15 years from now? The fact that your grandkids see you in pictures? or your grandkids

But good grief, get in front of the camera!!

edited: I found the Huffington Post article

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  1. I can relate! I am often found hiding behind others, though I'm getting better at being in front of the camera. Looking back at old photos and smiling at memories is definitely worth it :)

  2. Great advice, Deb! I'm missing from a lot of family/friend photos (or lurking on the back row), and I regret that.

  3. Kyra wrote a post like this or sorta the other day... it's here ...
    I am getting better. Mike loves pictures of me so on our hikes or trails or anything I let him. Some of them are the worse possible pictures but he likes them so .... I just don't look to much.
    Take care Deb and have a blessed weekend.


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