Thursday, January 23, 2014


This week at work we celebrated a coworkers birthday with loaded baked potatoes.

I tried a, new to me vegetable! Well new to me cooked, Ive had it raw.

Cooked Broccoli. Can I say nasty, grass gnawing, yagh!!!!
(I didnt like it!!) Ive had it raw, and can eat one or two before I cant take it anymore. Of course if my life depended on it, Im sure I could have choked down a few more.

Why do I veggies taste so, YEEAACHH. Or is it how Im preparing them?
I hate mush, chlorophyll filled, grassy tasting things!!!!!

Why cant they all be fried or coated with chocolate?  OY VEY!!!!

THEN my boss decided to 'pawn' her celery off on us. She bought it for her family and they didnt want it.  She bribed us with peanut butter!! Thank goodness, or I wouldnt have been able to swallow those trees!!!

OK seriously, enough whining!! I will figure this veggie hating thing out.
Even if it means pulling up my big girl panties, holding my nose shut, and trying not to taste them. Surely the taste will somehow grow on me!!!


  1. Hi Debs

    I think the broccoli you tried was cooked too long, it's best steamed. It really is a great vegetable, with a lot of good nutrients. I've put a link below which will give you more details. Please try it again and let us know what you think.

    All the best Jan

  2. Deb...for once I am speechless. I'll still give a speech...I'll just give less of one;) Broccoli, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Mmmn :) If there were only one food left on earth to eat and survive, and it was broccoli...I'd be a very happy, happy, man! I try to eat some everyday, but miss a few days in the year. I make up for it by getting multiple servings when I do eat it. I like it raw, boiled, steamed, broiled, baked, grilled...just about every way except with cheese sauce. yuck to the cheese sauce. Hoorah for Broccoli!!!

  3. i def think it is the way you are making it. broccoli is great cooked just not over cooked. broccoli is better stir fried, sautéed, or raw. if you cook broccoli it should be soft but still have a little bit of crunch if that makes sense. I do this with lots of my veggies asparagus, zucchini i, squash…. it keeps the flavor and texture also try adding seasoning to them as well.

  4. You are too funny! Veggies can be an aquired taste. I never really liked them either but the more I eat them the more I'm learning to like them. Sure there are some I still don't want to eat but I've learned how to work with them. Like I don't like to eat onions or peppers, I like the flavors they can provide but I don't like to eat them when i can see them or feel them so I have to grind/blend them up to a puree to add them to whatever recipes I may need them for. With things like broccoli & stuff it's just a matter of finding a way to prepare it that works for your tastebuds. When you eat it plain it's going to be more 'grassy' tasting but if you roast it with some seasoning or add it to a stir fry or sautee it with some garlic & a little olive oil... the possibilities are endless really. I use Pintrest to some veggie styling ideas & that's how I've learned that I really love brussle sprouts, which I always used to think tasted like mini, dirty, heads of lettuce... LOL! They are excellent roasted with garlic & a little oil or sauteed with some lemon & garlic... YUM!

  5. Hahah this is so funny to me because I absolutely loathe broccoli! It's nasty!!


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