Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals


1. Read 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp
2. Prayer Journal. I used to do this, keep a prayer list. When did my life get so busy that I stopped?
3. Happiness Jar. At night before bed write down the best thing of the day. Even crappy days have a least crappy moment!! I wont keep it in a jar, probably in a notebook or on the computer!
4. I really want to say read my Bible every day, but Im afraid that wont happen. And that makes me feel guilty!!! SO I signed up for Proverbs 31 daily devotional. It will sent to my email address!!

1. Send Amber on her mission trip fully funded!!!
2. Send Branden to college in the fall.
3. Date night with husband once a month. I will have an empty nest in September. I need to get to know my husband again!

1. Care about my appearance (blog post coming!!)
2. Buy shoes that are not running shoes.
3. Replace one more chemical product with a green product this year.
4. Declutter my house. One room per month. If its almost new it goes on EBAY to fund Ambers trips (see Family 1)
5. Intentionally compliment or send a card to someone each month.
6. DO NOT put myself down/talk down about myself. This post hit home. STOP the negative self talk!!!
7. Be in bed by 10:30!! My body is not as young as it used to be!!

1. Can chicken. This idea comes from Finding Joy in the Journey. I canned 10 lbs earlier this fall and it was WONDERFUL!! And I cant wait to do more!!! And have fun with recipes
2. One new veggie or veggie recipe a month.
3. One new fruit or fruit recipe a month.
4. 100 Days of Real Food.  I love this website and totally agree, but I find myself slipping quite a bit. Starting out with the 14 week mini challenges.
5. Can strawberry and blueberry jam.
6. Freeze strawberries and blueberries.

1.  Plank a day, reach the 2 minute mark!!!
2.  Use Full Length Workouts once a week.
3.  Use Shrinking Jeans workout Calendars for every month!!

1. Complete my first Marathon in October. I am registered!!!
2. Increase my speed. I didnt run near as much in 2013 and I lost speed.
3. PR half marathon
4. Finish Marathon

1. Pay off the car
2. Stay on budget using Mary Hunts Debt Proof Living. I used her guide several years ago, and then decided I could do it myself.................. Im not going to actually join, I have her book, and the website has tons of calculators!!
3. Save for a washer.
4. Save for a stove (remember my fire!!)
5. Save for a newer van.

How did I do with 2013 goals?
1. Run Faster.  Didnt happen.
2. Save 30. every month for Christmas. Didnt happen
3. Complete 13 races in 2013. HAPPENED!!
4. Get 7 hours of sleep each night. Happened until September most nights. Didnt happen the end of the year.
5. More fruits and veggies. Happened partially. I did have a salad almost every day for lunch at work. BUT, got really bored with them in October and stopped. Added an apple or grapes every day.
6.  Exercise program. Half heartdly, but not at all like I wanted. I left the gym in 2012 due to money and I wanted to start something routinely for myself.
7. Read my Bible. I did study my Sunday School lesson, but failed on personal studying.
8. Family Budget. Paid off the van!!! Thankfully because we ended up needing that money for daughters rent.
9. Stop diet coke for one month. I did it for three weeks......
10. Stop purchasing cleaning supplies. I replaced some with baking soda, but plan to continue this one this year.
11. Organize my house. I was able to do kitchen and living room. Part of dining room. I call it a success. I will do this again this year.
12. Lose Weight. I did!! Started at 204. Now around 185 ish NOT much but its gone and Im thankful!!
13. PR a half marathon. Didnt happen!


  1. Good luck with all your goals for this year!! :)

  2. I love them all Deb. I too am going more green. In fact for Christmas Terri gave me a green book. Health body and mind. Lots of great ideas. Such as I need to try chamomile tea for my stomach. I take an OTC and it's expensive so need to find something else. Baking soda, vinegar, salt, oils for stink if you need them, borax, washing soda and .... they say Castle soap, I haven't seen or found this yet, is all you need for a clean, safe house. I do make my own laundry soap, dishwashing soap, use baking soda for cleaning and vinegar but need to use it more regularly.
    Debt, working on that but need to save too. I found the coolest idea for that I'll share. If I can do it. Some checks are so small. Oh well, gotta learn there too.
    Bible reading, devotionals .... I like your daily scripture. I get God's Minute each day, it's so nice to start the day out with it. Now need to make it a habit.
    Good luck Deb. Clutter free in mind, body, soul and house would be awesome.


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