Friday, October 24, 2014


Im a planner
I make lists of all kinds, Grocery, Christmas, To Do, Running (that was a year ago)

I set Saturday, October 25th as my goal creation deadline! What do I want to do for me? This wasnt a fly by the night list, it may look quirky, but I wanted this to be achievable, real, achievable, to push me a bit, and achievable. YES, I know I said achievable thrice. Im one of those people who say, If I dont think I will succeed, I wont even try.

Mindy Bobe of Road Runner Girl has a link up every Monday called The Weekly Chase. I will link up with my specific goals for that week.
And every Wednesday Ashley, and Heather host a link up for Wednesday Weigh In. I will link up with them.

The following is my general plan.*

Spiritual: Read one chapter or daily devotional and spend more time in prayer (NOT bedtime fall to sleep prayer) edit: My book is Faithfully Fit: A 40 Day Devotional Devotional Plan to end Yo Yo Dieting.
Physical: Run/Walk to train for a half marathon in May. Reach 10,000 steps on my fit bit every day but Thursday. (I work 14 hours this day and it will be a rest day)
Food: Increase fruits and vegetables (Lately Im getting NONE!!), only ONE dessert type serving a day, and only ONE portion of anything other than veggies per meal. Track on My Fitness Pal. You can follow me here  .
Mental: Sleep minimum of 8 hours every night.
Wellness: Vitamins. Im no longer as young as I think I am. Im closing in on 50 and its time to take my daily vitamins. And properly clean my face and moisturize it. Those wrinkles are showing!

Saturday, September 27, 2014



My dear friend Susan turned 41 years old this weekend. She has always wanted to run. I encouraged her to start by walking and getting some miles under her feet this past summer.

Today was her first 5K. We both agreed this would be a walk. I let her set the pace.

It was cold. She was nervous. 

The walkers started, we stayed at the back of the pack. 
She kept telling me to go ahead, but I was sticking with her the whole way!! 

The finish line is in sight. So proud of you Susan!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

Change for a Dollar

I work for a large Hospital System. They are requiring each employee to go thru a training program that is supposed to remind us to put others first. To let home at home. To remind us that we have no idea what happened to the patient before they walked in our doors. They want to show us how to better sympathize, care, show compassion. Remind us that we all have different personalities. Some need to talk and talk and talk, and talk. Some want details now. Some dont know what they want.

This was a video shown at the end of the meeting.
It reminded me, that no matter how poor I am, no matter how little time I have, no matter how bad a day Ive had, I can still make a difference. Even if its a small sacrifice.

I cried. Not just a few tears running down my cheeks, but I outright sobbed. In front of a room full of coworkers and administration.

I work 70 hours a week. Im trying to organize a 5K and 10K for our church. Im organizing a BINGO fundraiser for my daughters mission trip. Im exhausted!!! BUT, this reminded me that there is always time to say a kind word, to smile, pay for someone elses bananas.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Gained Weight

I gained weight.  Im back to where I was in March 2013. Its time to assess and get my junk together!!

I dont know why blogger keeps turning it around. BUT. there it is 202.8

What is different? What am I doing now that I didnt do 6 months ago? What am I not doing now that I did 6 months ago?

Im not:
Blogging consistently.
Running/Walking consistently
Juicing... NOT as a cleanse, but as a way to get my veggies and fruits.
Tracking on My Fitness Pal
Making weekly goals
Posting my weekly weight.

Im doing:
Eating more desserts
Eating lots of candy
Working 70 hours a week instead of 40.
Planning fundraisers for Ambers mission trip.
Planning the 5K for church

Goals posted tonight!!!!
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Clif Bars

I won!!!!!!!!!

Erica from Life as a Running Mom hosted a Lara Bar giveaway, and I WON!!
I received 5 Sierra Trail Mix bars.

Yesterday I was running late for work, so I grabbed one as I ran out the door. Delicious!!!
I'm not a bar loving girl, but I would definitely eat these!! and buy them!! I have had their MOJO bars in the past and I LOVE them too!!

(I ate one before the picture was taken!!)
From the website. Gary, the owner, was on a 175 mile bike ride and was tired of gnawing on the energy bar he had. He decided to make his own. The following is taken directly from their website.

How are CLIF BARs different from other bars?
Why are CLIF BARs made with 70% organic ingredients?

Speaking of their website, its full of fun information.
They have a marathon pace team, they are involved in many communities and do countless hours of volunteer service.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The real me

"Once they take away your imperfections, theres not much of who you really are, left." (Thats from memory, not sure if its word for word.

What a powerful video.  They took several women, put makeup on them, did a photo shoot, and then photo shopped their pictures. Then they interviewed the women.

I've always wanted to be the person in the running magazine.  The skinny woman who won the race. The perfect mother who didn't yell at her kids. The wife who made tasty meals. The friend who didnt disappoint. The daughter who disappoint her parents. The coworker who never made mistakes. AND the list could go on and on.

Take away my imperfections and its not really me!! Powerful words to reflect on today!!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Caramelized Carrots

My make a change is to try new veggies or a new way to prepare them. I 'like' raw carrots, but can only eat so many of them. A friend told me to try to caramelize them.  She said that gives them a sweet taste.  SO off to google I went, and this is the recipe I found.

 Cut the carrots in equal disks or diagonally.  Put some oil in the pan and turn to medium high.  Add dry, room temp carrots and shake the pan for 5 minutes.

 This was the end result. Also had some spaghetti squash.
The carrots were ok. Next time I will add some honey, or a small amount of brown sugar.  I think I had to many carrots in the pan too.  I will absolutely try this again.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Licorice and Olive 5K and 5 by 5th 5K

One of my Christmas gifts this year, was a subscription to Run the Edge. Its a training program for 5K, 10K, Half, and Full Marathon. I chose the online version that I downloaded to my computer. I love it!!!

Its made up of levels. After you receive a certain  number of points you can move up to the next level.

This was my run for Licorice and Olive 5K Virtual Series.
January 28th.  Day Two was Walk 4 and Run 1. I used the short run to increase my speed. 6.4 on the treadmill was the fastest. Haven't seen that for a very long time!!! AND my back didn't hurt!!!

Time 46.12

This was for the 5 by the 5th 
February 1st. Day Three  Run 5 Walk 5 X1 then, Run 2 Walk 3 X3

I made myself another interval chart.

Time 44.46

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get in the picture!!

I challenge you to GET IN FRONT of the camera!!! A few months ago I was reading a Huffington post article, (cant find it now) about a lady who was in a car accident. She hated having her picture taken, and it struck a chord with me!

Family gatherings, church picnics, graduations, birthday parties. Im always holding the camera. Why? Because I want to take the picture not be in the picture. I dont say its because I think I'm fat, but thats the real reason!! I always find an excuse, or hide behind something!!

I was looking at my kids photo albums and I see less and less of  me, and more and more of others.
I look at my sons baby book, and I can count on my hand, the number of pictures I can see of me with him!! When he shows these pictures to his kids, they will laugh and talk about all the people, but I wont be there!!

When I look at these pictures, yes I see an over weight woman, BUT I also see me at my daughters graduation!! Me with my best friend at out very first 5K. Shes battling the effects of leukemia, and I look at this picture with so many memories!! It makes me a bit sad to see my size, but it also makes me smile!!

I get it, you dont want to see yourself 'like this'. BUT, this is who you are, right now!!! Today. This minute, this is who you are. Dont say, 'when I lose 10 lbs, or 50 lbs, when I have my hair combed, when I have my make up on." Be real. This is you!! You gained weight since high school, have grey hair, have a muffin top, lost hair? Accept it!! Change it if you can/want.

Stop depriving future generations of you! Life will continue with or without you!! Whats more important 10 or 15 years from now? The fact that your grandkids see you in pictures? or your grandkids

But good grief, get in front of the camera!!

edited: I found the Huffington Post article

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Runs for Cookies

I took it very easy for my run. This was the first one since hurting my back. My schedule called for Run 1 walk 4. For each of my runs I would increase my speed. I actually did the fastest minute at 6.3 speed, which I havent done in a LONG time.!!
47.28 was my time. Kinda funny, at first I was embarrassed and wasnt going to to post about it because Im to late for prizes, BUT, Ive always said to everyone else, it doesnt matter the time. You did it!!

I was inside on the treadmill because it was SO COLD!!!! 

I was late getting my entry recorded, so I wasnt included in the drawing for the prizes. Subscription to Runners World. BUT, she had over 600 entrants, my chances were pretty slim!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


This week at work we celebrated a coworkers birthday with loaded baked potatoes.

I tried a, new to me vegetable! Well new to me cooked, Ive had it raw.

Cooked Broccoli. Can I say nasty, grass gnawing, yagh!!!!
(I didnt like it!!) Ive had it raw, and can eat one or two before I cant take it anymore. Of course if my life depended on it, Im sure I could have choked down a few more.

Why do I veggies taste so, YEEAACHH. Or is it how Im preparing them?
I hate mush, chlorophyll filled, grassy tasting things!!!!!

Why cant they all be fried or coated with chocolate?  OY VEY!!!!

THEN my boss decided to 'pawn' her celery off on us. She bought it for her family and they didnt want it.  She bribed us with peanut butter!! Thank goodness, or I wouldnt have been able to swallow those trees!!!

OK seriously, enough whining!! I will figure this veggie hating thing out.
Even if it means pulling up my big girl panties, holding my nose shut, and trying not to taste them. Surely the taste will somehow grow on me!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash.  cut in half, degut, place upside down in some water, bake, use fork to 'shred' and put in a bowl.

It was ok.  Most of the recipes I found add tomato sauce. I cant eat tomatoes, so I added a bit of butter and went to the fridge to get some parmasen cheese, AND IT WAS GONE!!!!

It reminded me a lot of squash (DUH!) I will try it again, and add more flavor and use some cheese. I think some olive oil and some garlic would be a good combination.
Anyone have a good recipe they would like to share? No tomatoes!!


Friday, January 17, 2014


Mommy Run Fast is back with 5 by the 5th .
Starting in February you run or walk a 5 K or 5 miles by the 5th of the month. This virtual series runs through June.

Chase the Stars is Kiras Virtual series. Run or Walk a 5K on specific weekends starting in March. Click on the link to find the weekends and to sign up. She's also keeping a blog roll so we can visit each other and cheer each other on! And there is a facebook group as well.

Licorice and Olives  is also hosting a virtual 5K series. Run or Walk a 5K. You can participate in one month, several months, or all 12 months. She does require proof of your time with a GPS watch or an app. Her blog doesn't say if a photo of a treadmill will work as proof.

Runs for Cookies Virtual

Runs For Cookies is hosting a Virtual 5K for her 32nd birthday.
Run or Walk for 3.1 miles on Saturday January 25th.

Sign up here.

This is the bib.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Two challenges, both a bust

Two challenges this week. Both a flop.

First the miles. I was doing great, had six miles by Wednesday night. THEN on Thursday at work, I was in the basement, lifting a box with some patient charts, and all the sudden I was on my knees. I have NO idea what I did, but my back HURT!!! I couldnt breathe, felt like the air was knocked out of me. I knelt there for what seemed like hours, but Im sure was only a few minutes, and slowly stood up. My back hurt worse when I was standing straight than when I was at a 90 degree angle. I took some slow breaths and straightened up and step by painful step made it back upstairs. I popped some ibuprofen and had the Nurse Practitioner examine me.  (Workers Comp mandates this).

Thankfully some strong Ibuprofen and some muscle relaxers and Im feeling better today. Still some twinges depending how I move, or when my linebacker of a son jumps on me. SO, no running, no exercises, no yoga, no nothing but sitting and standing, and of course, eating since Wednesday.

For the Make a change Challenge, I decided to eat some brussels sprouts. I used this recipe.  I also sprinkled some with Garlic Salt.
My oven must be way off temp wise, cause after only 15 minutes they were burned! I still tryed them, and well, they were, icky!! To mushy in the middle. I could handle the ones that I cut in half to start with, but those whole ones, IICCKKK.  BUT I will try them again, Id like to try them on the grill.
Any other recipe ideas?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Car Hackers

OK seriously, how absolutely scary is this?  Imagine not being able to control your car as your driving down the road!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Brussel Sprouts Challenge!

My challenge is to try a new fruit and vegetable (recipe) each week.

I purchased Brussel Sprouts this weekend. Tomorrow is the day!!

I really wanted to grill them with some olive oil, but with the temps at 10 below 0, Im thinking the gtill is out!!!!
Roasted? or Sauteed? or in a stir fry. Not sure yet, but before the end of the day
I will have tried them!!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Two Great Challenges January 6 Start Dates

In this challenge you choose what you want to change about your diet. Challenge starts January 6th and goes for 21 days. Gluten free, no soda, tracking, new veggie/fruit, no carbs, etc.  This is not a competition. This is a support group. And there are prizes!! On Jan 6, 13, 20 and 27 you link up with a comment, with your weekly progress. This will give you and entry into the prizes for that week.
I have one week to decide my challenge. Im wavering between 100 Days of Real Food 14 week mini challenge or a new fruit and veggie with recipe each week. 

Run with Jess is hosting a Winter Miles Challenge. Sign up before January 12th. It starts from January 6 and goes to March 2. It is a free challenge with prizes. You can order shirts and in week 4 there is a virtual Snowball Shuffle 8K. If you complete that as well as your miles you receive two entries for the prize of the week and a medal if you desire (cost).  You pick your weekly mileage goal. If you get it, you are entered into a weekly prize. AND the prizes are amazing!!!!! Click here to go to her blog and to register.

Compression Socks
Heart Rate Monitor (two entries if you complete the 8K too)
Fitsok Socks
Protein Pancakes
Compression Socks
Hydrapak and GU

Sign up here

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Virtual and Sock Hop

Kiley from Daily Vitamin F hosted a New Years Day Virtual. 
Amber and I went out this morning around 9:30 and did a loop. I haven't gone up that huge hill in a very LONG time!!!  It turned out to be about 3 1/2 miles and it took us 50 minutes. It actually felt warm!! It was about 32 degrees and the sun was shining!! 
Thanks Kiley for hosting!!! 

Courtney from Third Times a Charm hosted a sock swap and I jumped on board. Who doesnt love new socks and a few gifts!!!! 

She Runs Everywhere sent me a package of awesome goodies!! Shes a mother of SIX, a certified trainer, a runner, who by the way is running 2013 miles in 2013!!! Thats a lot of miles and a lot of shoes!!!

I received some amazing home made popcorn!!!! Loved the Clif bar and chapstick!! What runner doesnt need chapstick this time of the year!?!??! And socks are amazingly fuzzy!!! 
Thank you Carmen!!

2014 Goals


1. Read 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp
2. Prayer Journal. I used to do this, keep a prayer list. When did my life get so busy that I stopped?
3. Happiness Jar. At night before bed write down the best thing of the day. Even crappy days have a least crappy moment!! I wont keep it in a jar, probably in a notebook or on the computer!
4. I really want to say read my Bible every day, but Im afraid that wont happen. And that makes me feel guilty!!! SO I signed up for Proverbs 31 daily devotional. It will sent to my email address!!

1. Send Amber on her mission trip fully funded!!!
2. Send Branden to college in the fall.
3. Date night with husband once a month. I will have an empty nest in September. I need to get to know my husband again!

1. Care about my appearance (blog post coming!!)
2. Buy shoes that are not running shoes.
3. Replace one more chemical product with a green product this year.
4. Declutter my house. One room per month. If its almost new it goes on EBAY to fund Ambers trips (see Family 1)
5. Intentionally compliment or send a card to someone each month.
6. DO NOT put myself down/talk down about myself. This post hit home. STOP the negative self talk!!!
7. Be in bed by 10:30!! My body is not as young as it used to be!!

1. Can chicken. This idea comes from Finding Joy in the Journey. I canned 10 lbs earlier this fall and it was WONDERFUL!! And I cant wait to do more!!! And have fun with recipes
2. One new veggie or veggie recipe a month.
3. One new fruit or fruit recipe a month.
4. 100 Days of Real Food.  I love this website and totally agree, but I find myself slipping quite a bit. Starting out with the 14 week mini challenges.
5. Can strawberry and blueberry jam.
6. Freeze strawberries and blueberries.

1.  Plank a day, reach the 2 minute mark!!!
2.  Use Full Length Workouts once a week.
3.  Use Shrinking Jeans workout Calendars for every month!!

1. Complete my first Marathon in October. I am registered!!!
2. Increase my speed. I didnt run near as much in 2013 and I lost speed.
3. PR half marathon
4. Finish Marathon

1. Pay off the car
2. Stay on budget using Mary Hunts Debt Proof Living. I used her guide several years ago, and then decided I could do it myself.................. Im not going to actually join, I have her book, and the website has tons of calculators!!
3. Save for a washer.
4. Save for a stove (remember my fire!!)
5. Save for a newer van.

How did I do with 2013 goals?
1. Run Faster.  Didnt happen.
2. Save 30. every month for Christmas. Didnt happen
3. Complete 13 races in 2013. HAPPENED!!
4. Get 7 hours of sleep each night. Happened until September most nights. Didnt happen the end of the year.
5. More fruits and veggies. Happened partially. I did have a salad almost every day for lunch at work. BUT, got really bored with them in October and stopped. Added an apple or grapes every day.
6.  Exercise program. Half heartdly, but not at all like I wanted. I left the gym in 2012 due to money and I wanted to start something routinely for myself.
7. Read my Bible. I did study my Sunday School lesson, but failed on personal studying.
8. Family Budget. Paid off the van!!! Thankfully because we ended up needing that money for daughters rent.
9. Stop diet coke for one month. I did it for three weeks......
10. Stop purchasing cleaning supplies. I replaced some with baking soda, but plan to continue this one this year.
11. Organize my house. I was able to do kitchen and living room. Part of dining room. I call it a success. I will do this again this year.
12. Lose Weight. I did!! Started at 204. Now around 185 ish NOT much but its gone and Im thankful!!
13. PR a half marathon. Didnt happen!

Pale Blue Dot

I love to listen to Carl Sagan!!! 
We are but a pale blue dot in this universe. 

2014 goals coming....................