Sunday, December 1, 2013

Turkey Trot

thanksgiving 5k
Kiley hosted a Thanksgiving Virtual 5K.

I mentioned to my husband that I was doing a 5 K before eating on Thanksgiving. His ears perked up and he said he heard of one locally and he would like to walk it.   YES!!! He hasn't participated in one for several years, and I got excited!! I would love for him to start going with me again!!!
Today I didn't race, I paced!!! I didnt care what my time was!! I wanted to participate with my husband, I wanted to encourage him to keep going, to keep moving, to push himself.
Thursday, wasnt for time, I  paid it forward!!

It was cold!!! Like 20 degrees with 15 MPH winds, wind chill of 9, cold!!!!

Amber, almost PRd, but she got sick (puked) just shy of the finish line and had to stop so she didnt spray everyone around her!! So proud of her!!!
Husband finished in 49.50. Me 49.51. When we got to the finish line, I stopped and let him cross first, I was so proud of him!! He has a bum knee, but when I said, "speed up" and he sped up, when I said, 'slow and catch your breath, he slowed, when I said, 'lets pass  that woman, we passed that woman, (he never listens to me any other time!) : )
So, my Turkey Trot, was more of a walk, than a trot,
but I had a blast!! Thank you Kiley!!
AND dont forget to join up for the Christmas 5K!! Ill keep you posted for the details!!

Then we went to my parents and picked the chicken to the bones!!

My blessings!!!


  1. That's awesome that your husband joined in this year! And I just read Ambers post, that stinks for her at the end :/ Thanks for joining in on the Thanksgiving virtual 5K again!! See you for the Christmas race, right!

  2. Yay to having your husband join you! My husband has told me that he's going to start running. I'm sooo excited about it. I can't make him do it though. I've enabled him with the tools he needs...the rest is up to him!!!


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