Tuesday, December 31, 2013

14 in 2014 and 13 in 2013 review.

 Fitness Health and Happiness along with Marathon Mom hosted 13 in 2013 and are bringing it back in 2014.  You choose the distance or combination of distance and commit to 14 races (real and virtual) 2014. 

2013 Races:
01-01-13  Daily Vitam in K Virtual 5K 
01-03-13 5 by 5th Virtual 5K
05-25-13 Flood City 9K
06-02-13 Run the Dream Half

07-06-13 Rockwood Half

09-28-13 Que Challenge 5K

11-28-13 Turkey Trot

Monday, December 2, 2013

Goals for the week.

Goals for this week.

1. Continue to track on My Fitness Pal along with my logs.
2. Three days of three mile runs, and one mile each of the other days.
3. Continue the Plank a Day Challenge from Shrinking Jeans. Im at 45 seconds and I WILL make it to                  1.30!!
4. Give up diet soda, (once again)

A year ago, I gave up 'full test' soda. I switched to diet. Several months ago I gave up diet soda. The thot of aspartame gave me the willys!!! I was trying to move from processed fake foods to whole foods. Real foods.
I thot I had it kicked, but then stress happened, and I found myself downing Diet Coke again. Its my 'illegal substance'. I LOVE a good cold Diet Coke!!!

I saw this post on Toned and Fit. Ive read many articles, pros and cons. (I can be so easily swayed!!)
Dietitian Cassie. I follow quite a bit of what Cassie says.
Mens Health Magazine  and again. 
Huffington Post
And theres a gazillion more!!! Many are scientific, and I dont understand them!!!

I made this decision on Thursday, Thanksgiving day. I did great!!! Until Sunday at lunch. We took the kids out for lunch before running them back to college. I ALWAYS have a diet Coke when out to eat. Out of habit, I ordered it and took my first three swallows, and then the light bulb!!!

SO, starting over again at day one!! Lets see  how many days I can go!!

Linking up with Long Distant Girls Getting Fit.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Turkey Trot

thanksgiving 5k
Kiley hosted a Thanksgiving Virtual 5K.

I mentioned to my husband that I was doing a 5 K before eating on Thanksgiving. His ears perked up and he said he heard of one locally and he would like to walk it.   YES!!! He hasn't participated in one for several years, and I got excited!! I would love for him to start going with me again!!!
Today I didn't race, I paced!!! I didnt care what my time was!! I wanted to participate with my husband, I wanted to encourage him to keep going, to keep moving, to push himself.
Thursday, wasnt for time, I  paid it forward!!

It was cold!!! Like 20 degrees with 15 MPH winds, wind chill of 9, cold!!!!

Amber, almost PRd, but she got sick (puked) just shy of the finish line and had to stop so she didnt spray everyone around her!! So proud of her!!!
Husband finished in 49.50. Me 49.51. When we got to the finish line, I stopped and let him cross first, I was so proud of him!! He has a bum knee, but when I said, "speed up" and he sped up, when I said, 'slow and catch your breath, he slowed, when I said, 'lets pass  that woman, we passed that woman, (he never listens to me any other time!) : )
So, my Turkey Trot, was more of a walk, than a trot,
but I had a blast!! Thank you Kiley!!
AND dont forget to join up for the Christmas 5K!! Ill keep you posted for the details!!

Then we went to my parents and picked the chicken to the bones!!

My blessings!!!