Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekly Weigh in

My last official weigh in was June 24, 2013.
Then life happened, and the weigh ins and goal settings stopped. My mother in law was placed on hospice in Colorado, clear across the United States. My husband and his siblings needed to get to her quickly to say goodbye, and to mend broken fences. My husband drove 8 (ish) hours to meet up with his siblings. He spent the day with his dad and after they were finished at work, they took turns driving 17 hours to Colorado. They made it, had a wonderful reunion, spent 3 days with her, and then they drove back. She has since passed away.
Son had lots of problems finding an apartment and ended up driving 120 miles a day for a PART TIME job, that he had to keep so that he would have it once college started this fall. So much for saving money for college books!!!
And the list could go on, but this is NOT a post to hash out the whys. This is a post say, Im doing weekly weigh ins again and I need goals!!!

 The traditional scale photo.
06-24-13 188.2
11-01-13 180.2 8 lbs

Four pounds in 4 months. Time to get serious again, and stop 'maintaining'!!

My beautiful friend Julie has challenged me to eat a large helping of veggies every day. I DO NOT like vegetables. So one huge serving is a start. A sad start, but a start!!!

I took Romaine lettuce, and added some peppers, radishes, carrots, and one teaspoon of dressing. The peppers are new for me, and they were, um, ok. Ill have one of these each day for the next week.

Im also joining Shrinking Jeans in their Planking Challenge for November. Today was 20 seconds, so I did several of the poses.

My Thankful alphabet journal for November:
A: I am thankful for acceptance, allspice, and apples


  1. I see a lot of success here!! 8 pounds down, eating veggies and doing planks. Keep up the great work!! You are making it happen and you are an inspiration!!!!! You've got this!!

    Have a fit day!!

  2. Hi Deb, You and Julie are doing awesome! When Diana and I first got married in 1997...we both sold our own homes and bought a "Dream"/(Nightmare)/money pit home 60 miles out of town. I was still working full time. This meant 120 miles round trip commute to work five days a week. I was putting 2400 miles a month on my Suburban/gas guzzler in commuter mileage, plus miles on the weekend to go shopping or get off the mountain, and it averaged 3000 per month. That craziness lasted two years. Then we moved. It would be real nice to have all the money I blew through with poor decisions back then. Oh well. Lessons learned.

  3. The scale went in the right direction, you will do great. I know it!!
    Onward and downward. And you did well with your veggie challenge. Keep it up.

  4. You are doing so good Debs! I've totally lost all my motivation. Not sure why, but I'm really on a bad "road". I NEED to get back on track and hope to do so starting NOW. Thanks for your inspiring post!

  5. With all that happened, you still managed to lose 8 pounds - I'd call that a win,'re doing just fine. :)

  6. With all that happened, you still managed to lose 8 pounds - I'd call that a win,'re doing just fine. :)

  7. With all that happened, you still managed to lose 8 pounds! I'd call that a win - you're doing just fine, Deb.

  8. That salad looks yummy. Good luck in November! :)


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