Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scale Back!!

If this is truly how you feel, 1. Eat healthy, 2. Get up and MOVE your body!!

Thankful alphabet.

B..... Today I am thankful for books. I LOVE to read, but havent done much lately! My Body. Despite the horrible I sometimes feed it, it keeps going!! Balloons, they put a smile on your face, Hand a child a balloon filled with helium and watch them smile. What B are you thankful for today?

C.... Chocolate, Children, Church, Cowboys (Dallas ones). Chocolate is my coffee. Sometimes I only need/want a small piece and Im satisfied, sometimes I crave it. My kids sometimes make me weep, but more often bring me joy. Watching them grow in to adults. Making mistakes, taking chances, being independent, but still calling on me to help and share joys and sorrows. Church, whether the building or a gathering of Christian friends. So much more than a building! and My Dallas Cowboys!!!!


  1. C was a big thankful letter. :-)

  2. I'm thankful for my brother. He's moved to Kuwait so we're finally together after being apart for many, many years. He's my only sibling, so it's good to have family around :)


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