Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Restarting the logs

What happened to my exercise and food journal? I used to do that ALL THE TIME!!! 
Marc's blog post created an AH HA moment for me!! Got me to thinking, why did I quit? No clue!!
I still used My Fitness Pal to log (once in a while).

So I pulled out my forms and filled them out!! Its not near as detailed as it was the last time I used them, but that will come!! AND this will be part of my weekly update!! I LOVE to cross things off my to do list. (Sometimes I write things down after Ive done them, just so I can cross them off)  

I keep them in a notebook. I see I missed the date, I will add that! I will keep them in my notebook. 


  1. Hi Deb, I'm old school and need to have it visible and in front of me as a reminder. I also need pen and paper. I don't have a smart phone so a fitness app would do me no good. And even though I could use my laptop to monitor all this information, having the notebook, pen and paper seems to make it more real for me. It's just the era I grew up in. The 20 something crowd might not prefer the old methods.

    For techies, there is a magical scanner called the TellSpec. Point This Magical Scanner At Your Food And It Will Count The Calories. Read about it at this link:

  2. Keeping journals and notes and basically tracking is so HUGE for me. Necessary to keep me on target! Yay for your aha moment!

  3. I love these! Did you make the template yourself?

  4. I do better with logging, too!

    And I totally get the thrill of writing things down just to cross them off the list. I do it all the time. :)

  5. That's awesome! I've been tracking and planning since I got back from holiday - it's definitely helped me shed those gained holiday pounds!


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