Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Joy Johsnon

Joy Johnson loved to run. She started running 50 years ago AFTER she retired. This past sunday she ran teh New York Marathon for the 25th time, at the age of 86!!!! She was the oldest woman to run this year. 
She completed the marathon in 7 hours 56 minutes and 41 seconds. 

At mile 20 she fell and hit her head. She was bandaged by medics and was determined to continue on. The next day, she made her way to the Today show, and made an appearance with Al Roker. 
Afterwards she went back to her hotel room, laid down to rest, and never woke up.

WHAT and inspiration!!! Hard work, determination, and dedication!!! 
I want to be that motivated!! Not just about running, but about life!! About health!!

Thankful journal 

D.... Dancing in the rain, Daffodils, diversity, divine intervention ... I have no rhythm but I love moving in a light gentle warm rain!! Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers it brings spring and the refreshing new life! Im so thankful we are all different, diverse, what a boring world it would be if we were all the same!! Coincidence? Nah, I think He was there, Sometimes I dont like the answer or inconvenience of His intervention, but He knows best, He knows the whole picture... Late for work, maybe He protected me from the deer that bounded across the road.? Crock pot broken, He protected me from the short in the cord? Pants werent dry, He kept me from the embarrassment of the rip in that went unnoticed?

E... Edith, Eggs, Elbow macaroni, My amazing mom, she has taught me to love despite.... to work hard, and she taught some 'what not to dos', made me think and process why I do what I do, is it tradition (not always bad) do I do it because that's what I was taught to do, or is it truly what I think/believe. I love eggs, Love scrambled eggs!! Don't eat much pasta anymore, but elbow macaroni is a special treat!!

F....Forgiveness, Faith, Family, Friends, Fruit..... Learning to be thankful for fruit, (altho I wish it tasted more like chocolate!) Family and friends. Im so thankful to be blessed with family and friends when so many have hurtful painful and abusive relationships! Faith, the foundation of .. everything.. Forgiveness, both giving and receiving, even when its not asked for. Sometimes I need to forgive someone who has wronged me so that I can move on, even when they haven't asked, or admitted wrongdoing.


  1. Good morning. I too read and heard about this wonderful lady. Truly an amazing woman and filled with such desire. I too would love to be as into life as she was. Bless her soul.
    I love you thankful letters. Each November I put 1-30 on my fridge and write each day something I'm thankful for. Today being the 7th day, the Lord rested and so I will lay to rest my stupid grudges I am holding on to about a friend that was a friend but moved on without me. It's time and today is a great day to do that.
    Blessings my friend. Friday is tomorrow, ready for a new challenge? I'm thinking about it today.

  2. Wow, that's amazing & I love the thankful journal! I've been good, out of the blogging habit so I've lost track of all of that. I keep meaning to get back to it but it's just not happening, same goes for the whole 'being healthy' thing. Gotta get back to it all!!

  3. I had read this. What an inspiration! It's a good reminder to us that we can achieve ANYTHING that we put our minds too!

  4. I watched her on the today show while we were still in NYC for the race, so I was just blown away when they announced she died the next day. But I loved that her family said it was how she would have wanted to go

  5. She's such an inspiration and someone we can all look up to in the running world.


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