Sunday, November 10, 2013

Indiana Marathon Relay.

 Arrived at packet pick up for the surprise marathon relay this morning, and found NO LINES at the porta johns, AND they were CLEAN!! I was the first one!!! That has never happened to me before!!!
 There was confusion at packet pick up. The lady remembered my name, but they couldn't find my bib/shirt/packet.  I waited around for about 15 minutes while they searched. One of my relay teammates found my bib in her packet. "No wonder we had a size Large shirt left over". "Sorry we dont have any large left over but I do have XLarge or Medium." It was VERY cold and I was not about to try on both shirts behind the van!! So I took the XLarge. Its 100% cotton, so it will shrink when I wash it. Overall pickup was fast!! AND they had a Sheetz coffee truck!

Todays race was a marathon or marathon relay. First leg was 6 miles, second was 7, and I did the remainder. I did the last leg, so I waited in my warm van while the other two ran. IT WAS COLD AND WINDY!!!! They said last year it was so warm that the runners were having trouble with the heat. NOT TODAY!! It may have been 44 degrees but it felt like 35, and there was 25 MPH winds.
I saw a lot of this today. EMPTY trail. I was near the back of the pack when I started. Empty!! and no crowd support. DUH we were on a trail!!! I ran the first two miles and then my legs froze up. They hurt. I walked, and then tried to run, but I kept tripping. My legs wouldn't lift off the ground! So I started power walking. Every time I tried to run, I made it about a minute, and then Id have to walk. AND my lungs were on fire. I havent run outside in the cold since last winter, and my lungs new it!!! I wanted to lay down and throw a temper tantrum!! Or just stop!! But, I was on a team, and I WAS NOT going to let them down!!

I met this amazing lady at mile 16. She was running her first ever marathon, and she just gave birth 8 months ago. She said her motivation was that her family was waiting at mile 18. At 17 they popped out from behind a tree. The little girl went running to her, and grabbed her hand and said, come on mom!! And they would run a few steps and then walk. Brought tears to my eyes. As I was passing her, the little girl kept saying, You can do it, Youre doing great, Finish strong.  She passed me at mile 26 and I didnt see her again until the end. She totally rocked her first marathon!!

I cant believe I was smiling. I was cold and sore and stiff and just wanted to crawl into bed!!!

Milk at the end!! YES PLEASE!!!
Stopped at Eat N Park for food. I had the Waffle, and hubby the Banana French Toast. (Spectating is hard work!! Especially on a cold day!! This is his second half marathon, and Im so glad he was there to help cheer, and help transport the teammates to the different transition spots. I started off with a VERY HOT cup of hot chocolate!!!

 Nice shirt! and a nice medal considering the cost of the race was only 26.20!!

I was very disappointed with my time!! I wasnt able to get the satellite when I first started, so this about half mile short.


  1. Brrrr. I think you just made me shiver just thinking about the cold! But congrats!!!! :-)

  2. Wow! I'd be thrilled with a time like that for 26.2 miles! When the weather doesn't cooperate, that is when you discover the fair weather spectators. The race sounded great:)

  3. Great job Deb! Cold races are always tough. Way to push through:)

  4. I can't believe your part of a marathon relay was a half marathon! That is awesome and not a time to be ashamed of at all.

  5. Way to power through a tough run! Hot chocolate after a cold race sounds perfect.

  6. Not proud of yourself? Heck I'll puff up proud for you than. You did awesome Deb, really truly awesome. I can't even begin running/walking that far. I can do 5-7 miles walking 90% and jogging 10% but that is if I really push myself. You are amazing. Congrats on such a terrific race.

  7. WOW!!! SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!! You are really reaching for your optimal health and fitness!!

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    Have a fit day!!!

  8. Congratulations, Deb! You are amazing and inspirational!


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