Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Due to a financial bump in the road, I have added a part time job to my schedule, bringing my work load to 60 hours a week. Im tired, and find myself a bit emotional at times. But, so far I havent moved into the grumpy stage. (dont ask my husband, he may disagree with me)

Anyway, I want to introduce you to my part time job. I LOVE IT!
I work with tons of fruits, vegetables, specialty foods, and CANDY!!!!

When the cash registers are a slow, we tie bags of candy, like this one. Yes, that is a one pound bag of  chocolate double dipped peanuts. YUM!!  One evening I was tying these delicious goodies and a woman who looked to be around 80 asked me how I could work in a place with so much candy and stay so skinny? I got tears in my eyes, and she started apologizing. I stopped her mid "Im so sorry". and told her how she made my day!! Her daughter, who was standing behind her, and about 50 lbs overweight, looked mortified. I went on to explain that over the last two years, I have worked very hard to lose 80 lbs, and how her skinny comment totally made my day. THEN, the daughter started with tears. She said shes been trying to lose weight and tried diets, and vomiting, and pills, and just couldnt keep it off.

Perfect time to share my ups and downs and 'how I did its' but it was my way and may not work for you'.


  1. I'm sorry you're having to work an extra job, but wow, what a story! How wonderful to hear a stranger describe yourself as skinny, and how even more wonderful that you got to share your story and give her daughter hope!

  2. OH my word......I LOVE the raspberry (and strawberry) covered pretzels that I can get there! ~~~crossing fingers to ward off the temptation!!!~~~

    SO the fruit is a good are you doing with the candy temptation???? :-)

  3. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful time to share your story. I pray it will spur the young woman to make a change in her life. Maybe she will come back and ask you more. That would be soooo awesome!

    Take good care of yourself during this time.

    Have a fit day!

  4. This brought tears to my eyes. What a great story Deb. There are so many resources online for the daughter, I hope she is able to make healthy choices for her future:)

  5. Aww what a special moment. Her daughter will probably remember that conversation with you for years to come.

  6. What an amazing story! Kind of makes you wonder why you were put in that place at that moment....


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