Sunday, September 8, 2013

Color Me Rad

A year or two ago I promised my daughter we would do a color run as one of her rewards for losing weight. I think it was supposed to be for her 50 lb loss mark. (Im 90 lbs late)
A friend from church was signing up for a Color Me Rad run in Morgantown WV and asked if we would join her team. They were benefiting the Rosenbaum House. "We believe that healing involves not only great medical care but also the love and support of family and loved ones. Rosenbaum Family House provides a place for adult patients and their families to stay while receiving medical care at WVU."

Packet pickup was easy.  We were able to pick up for the whole team the day before. Sunglasses, a tattoo, a shirt, and a key holder. 
We signed up a bit late, and the only waves that had an opening were the 1 PM and 1:20 PM. I was afraid parking would be a nightmare, but most of the early waves were gone, and we drove right up to the perfect spot.
This was our before group picture.

No during pictures, I was NOT going to ruin my camera or phone with all that dust!!!
At the starting line no one was stretching, or doing a warm up run. Everyone was calm, laughing, sitting around. This was obviously not a race!! This was for fun! Loud music blaring, color packet opening, a dance contest. NOT your typical 5K.

The sunglasses were great to keep the dust out of your eyes! After I was home and ready to shower, I did find LOTS of color inside my shirt!!!

Overall: I had fun! I did not let it all on the course! I wasn't exhausted afterwards.
I was disappointed in the course. It was a very steep uphill course. I thot of this as a FUN run/walk. A great way to get people interested in walking or running or getting fit.  Many people were having a hard time making it up the hill. IF this were my first race, I would NOT want to do it again!
The volunteers were awesome! Very friendly!
They had several people taking pictures on the course and at the end. A band on stage to keep the crowd energized.
We celebrated with Sweet Frog frozen yogurt. YUM!!! Sweet Frog is a newly discovered frozen yogurt joint that deserves a post all its own!!!


  1. My daughter ran one of these races in Missoula this past summer. She had a really fun time:)

  2. It looks like a lot of fun! I keep saying I'm going to the local Holi, the Indian Festival of Color, someday. In the pictures, the participants always look so joyful.

  3. I have always wanted to do that kind of race, however I am afraid of getting it up my nose or not being able to breath. Is it hard?
    You are doing so great my friend. Most excellent.

    1. I have asthma and my breathing wasn't affected a lot by all the powder flying around; I could tell it was affecting my breathing but it was minuscule, nothing I would ever worry about. It does get up your nose, but all it does is turn your not weird colors :)

  4. I have yet to do a color run! I had a chance earlier this year but didn't take it. Decided getting paid for the day was more important. LOL
    But I'd still love to do one in the future.

    And Sweet Frog! My first time in the east coast was last summer and one of the major highlights was going to sweet frog. LOL LOL Awesome!


  5. The color runs look fun. :-)

    LOVE Sweet Frog!

  6. Sounds and looks like fun!

    In answer to your comment on my blog, you can type in AiringMyDirtyLaundry!

    Thank you!

  7. Ahh that looks like such fun, I'd LOVE to do something like that one day!

    I wanted to thank you for welcoming me back into blogging, I sincerely appreciate it. :D Feels good to be back!

  8. What a fun way to enjoy a group run/race! Looks like you all had a great time, Deb!


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