Friday, August 2, 2013

Rockwood Rotary Half Marathon

My daughter turned 21 in July, and when I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said she wanted to do a half marathon again. So she did some research and found the Rockwood Rotary 5K and Half Marathon. Its a trail race on the GAP that benefits the Rotary's community service projects. After some research I realized the half marathon is a pretty small race. As in 25 finishers!! And the slower times were about 45 minutes faster than me! I did NOT want to make the timer stick around for me to finish.

I emailed the Director and told him the situation, and he said that we were welcome to arrive up to an hour early, he will write down our times, and we can go ahead and start.

We started around 7:45 AM, running into the sun, with 94% humidity. Our goal was to do the Gallaway Intervals 3:1 .  We used our Gymboss and were on track until we reached mile 4. Because we started early the first water station wasn't set up yet.  OOOOPPPS..  That wasn't good. Thankfully, we both had our 20 oz hand held and we continued on. At mile 4 Amber took a GU Chomp and it DID NOT sit right with her stomach. She needed to walk. We walked the next few intervals and she was not able to run. BUT, she could walk fast. She walks so much faster then I do. So, I decided to go on. This is the first time I have ever left her in a race, and this was her birthday present!!! OH the mothers dilemma.  I went on without her, and felt guilty the rest of the way.
At the turnaround I was greeted with some wonderful water and some candy!! YUM!!! I took a break, and chattered, and the kind men asked me about my companion. I told them I left her a mile back, and they, jokingly, were appalled. I turned around and started back, and came upon Amber, and told her Id be happy to stop and wait for her. She said she was walking the rest and insisted I continue on. It was here that the other racers that started at the correct time, started to catch me. I could hear their feet pounding on the gravel behind me. Because this was an out and back, some of those on their way out were coming towards me and giving me the 'evil eye'.  I could read their mind, "There's no way shes that far ahead of me'" and I felt bad and wanted to explain that I started early, but I just kept going.

Around mile 8 there was a shirtless male runner (no pictures, Im not that fast with my phone) that passsed me. He smelled so GOOD!! And all I could think about for the next mile is how do you run 8 miles, sweat, and yet smell delicious?  It was starting to get pretty hot out there and I was SO glad to see the 12 mile marker. Only one mile to go!! The last 4 miles were so slow!! and 13 was even slower!!
I finished 3.05:20.

I ate some AMAZING watermelon! and walked back to find Amber.
She was in so much pain! Her stomach, her hips, her knees. I felt so bad!!!
Later we talked that, if I wouldve stayed with her, I wouldve had her stop and get a ride out, so it may have been best that I went on. BUT, it was horrible seeing her pain!!
 Finished, and ready for a Sprite for Amber and a chocolate milk for me!


  1. Congratulations on finishing!

  2. Congratulations on a great half marathon for you! Sorry about Amber. Hope he rest of her BD was good. bTW: your face looks super thin in that photo!

  3. I'm so sorry that Amber had such a rough race but congratulations to both of you for pushing and finishing strong.

  4. Yes, congrats on a great race!

    Big Clyde

  5. I hope Amber is feeling much better after a few days off!


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