Monday, August 26, 2013

Run for the Gold 26.2K

08-17-13 Last year during the Olympics, a local running club set up the Run for the Golf. 26.2 metric marathon. We may not have the Olympics this year, but they decided to have the run anyway. 26.2K is 16.28 miles. That would be my longest distance so far!

We were up at 4:30 AM to get dressed and travel to the Train Depot in Frostburg. It was a chilly 52 degrees, but perfect running weather!!

There were only 80 people signed up for the race, so bib pick up went quickly. No packets of goodies.  The race was ONLY $10.!!!! There was ONE water/aid station at Mile 7.5.

On the bus we had the pre race safety meeting. Watch for wildlife, only one porta pot at the start, one at mile 5, one at mile 9, and some at the end. Only one aid station. (We knew this when we signed up!!) I took a hand held water bottle, and wore water pack on my back. I drink a lot when I run!

We reached the Train Station, and had to jog .6 miles down the trail to the start.
The horn sounded and we were off.
I dont like the way the water vest fits the front of me!!!
Amber and I always take a before and after picture, but we forgot until we were at mile 2! Already sweating, but still smiling! For the first three miles we would run .4 miles and walk .1  By mile 4 it was pretty noticeable climb so we did more walking. Mile 5 and 6 we power walked, we wanted to save our legs for the downhill after the aid station. We chatted, kept our minds busy with other things.  Miles 5, 6 ,and 7 were right around 14 minute miles. I thot that was pretty good for a 400 foot climb. At mile 7.5 we reached the Eastern Continental Divide.
AH refreshments. Cool water!!! Only had 4 pretzel sticks, water, one orange slice, and one oatmeal raisin power ball. This is painted on the inside of the small tunnel at the divide. I left the water pack at the aid station with hubby and son. It was downhill from here, and I figured we would be fine!
Anytime after I eat, I have to walk about 1/2 mile before I can run again. We tried running soon, and Amber ended up with horrible stomach cramps. We power walked some more. When we tried to run, my legs were heavy!! Exhausted!! I could feel every piece of thread in my capris.  We walked some more.
The wonderful cool air of the LONG tunnel! It was like an air conditioner. As we came to the other side, we saw a cameraman.
We had to run, how do you walk thru a picture in a race?? OH did that hurt! I thanked him for waiting for us, and told him we were the last ones.
The view as you leave the tunnel is absolutely amazing.
  AND the heat and humidity hit me like a ton of bricks. Took my breath away. I felt like I was chewing the air.
We continued on our trek.  Past the Mason Dixon Line.On down the mountain.
My Garmin would beep another mile, and I told Amber, only 4 miles to go!! At this point I kept repeating "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." The chatting we did in the first half was pretty non existant now. Mile 14 and 15 stank!!! I had to stop several times to catch my breath. I was getting dizzy. I had to stop and put my head between my legs. Water tasted horrible. I was almost out, but I knew I had to keep drinking. My throat was sore.
At mile 15 1/2 I had to stop again, I told Amber to keep going. (I never did catch her again).
Finally, I made it to the turn off the trail and UP the switchbacks to the Train Station. It was only a 100 foot climb up the last half mile. BUT, it was a killer!!! I could see the finish line, but I couldn't breath. Another stop. AND there was my son, he ran down to meet me and push me across the finish line.
Water melon and pretzels never tasted so heavenly!!!

16.28 miles
15:00 ave pace
Longest run ever!!! Next year I will beat that time!! And I cant wait!!
And the best recovery ever, when youre dehydrated and exhausted?  Shower, compression socks, compression shorts and crawl in bed and take a LONG nap.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


If you have a few extra minutes today, stop by Julies blog and give her some words of encouragement.  Her sister passed away on Friday.

The loss of a loved family member is hard!! Even when we know they are no longer suffering, we still grieve. Julie has had a tough July, and now has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. She is strong, and she will do fine, but its nice to know that we are thinking of her!


"Let not your heart be troubled...I go to prepare a place for you...I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also." John 14:1-4

Friday, August 2, 2013

Rockwood Rotary Half Marathon

My daughter turned 21 in July, and when I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said she wanted to do a half marathon again. So she did some research and found the Rockwood Rotary 5K and Half Marathon. Its a trail race on the GAP that benefits the Rotary's community service projects. After some research I realized the half marathon is a pretty small race. As in 25 finishers!! And the slower times were about 45 minutes faster than me! I did NOT want to make the timer stick around for me to finish.

I emailed the Director and told him the situation, and he said that we were welcome to arrive up to an hour early, he will write down our times, and we can go ahead and start.

We started around 7:45 AM, running into the sun, with 94% humidity. Our goal was to do the Gallaway Intervals 3:1 .  We used our Gymboss and were on track until we reached mile 4. Because we started early the first water station wasn't set up yet.  OOOOPPPS..  That wasn't good. Thankfully, we both had our 20 oz hand held and we continued on. At mile 4 Amber took a GU Chomp and it DID NOT sit right with her stomach. She needed to walk. We walked the next few intervals and she was not able to run. BUT, she could walk fast. She walks so much faster then I do. So, I decided to go on. This is the first time I have ever left her in a race, and this was her birthday present!!! OH the mothers dilemma.  I went on without her, and felt guilty the rest of the way.
At the turnaround I was greeted with some wonderful water and some candy!! YUM!!! I took a break, and chattered, and the kind men asked me about my companion. I told them I left her a mile back, and they, jokingly, were appalled. I turned around and started back, and came upon Amber, and told her Id be happy to stop and wait for her. She said she was walking the rest and insisted I continue on. It was here that the other racers that started at the correct time, started to catch me. I could hear their feet pounding on the gravel behind me. Because this was an out and back, some of those on their way out were coming towards me and giving me the 'evil eye'.  I could read their mind, "There's no way shes that far ahead of me'" and I felt bad and wanted to explain that I started early, but I just kept going.

Around mile 8 there was a shirtless male runner (no pictures, Im not that fast with my phone) that passsed me. He smelled so GOOD!! And all I could think about for the next mile is how do you run 8 miles, sweat, and yet smell delicious?  It was starting to get pretty hot out there and I was SO glad to see the 12 mile marker. Only one mile to go!! The last 4 miles were so slow!! and 13 was even slower!!
I finished 3.05:20.

I ate some AMAZING watermelon! and walked back to find Amber.
She was in so much pain! Her stomach, her hips, her knees. I felt so bad!!!
Later we talked that, if I wouldve stayed with her, I wouldve had her stop and get a ride out, so it may have been best that I went on. BUT, it was horrible seeing her pain!!
 Finished, and ready for a Sprite for Amber and a chocolate milk for me!