Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekly Recap

Weekly Update:  I really really really need to add some toning and yoga into my schedule!!! (dejavu I think I said that last week!!)  This week at work they are starting a video challenge, and that involves both cardio and some strength. Im participating, but I havent been told the particulars yet.

Last week
Monday: 3 mile run, 4 mile walk
Tuesday: 4 miles hills
Wednesday: 3 mile run
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest (unless you call dodging people in Walmart for 2 hours exercise!!)
Saturday: Walking around Williamsburg, VA. (the day before the half marathon that Ill talk about tomorrow)

Weight: to individual weigh ins click here:
03-11-13 206.0 Challenge with Julie
04-08-13 199.6  +0.3 Total 6.4  100 Day Challenge started
05-27-13 191.2 -0.6  Total 14.8
06-03-13 190.0 -1.2 Total 16.0

I moved that silly scale around in the bathroom and reweighed myself FIVE times!! I really wanted to see 189 today!!! Next week it is!!!!

I had 10000 steps each day!!!  (This seems to be weekly comment) Three days a week I work 13 hours a day, and those days are hard to get those in, but this week I DID IT!!   Now that its getting warmer Ive been walking to and from work and that helps.

I stayed around 1200 calories a day. 

I burned 1356 calories this week. Missed my 2000 goal.

I had 100 oz of water every day.

This weeks goals are going to stay the same!

1. 10000 steps a day
2. 100 oz of water a day
3. 1200 calories a day
4. Not eat after 7:30 PM
5.  Be in bed by 10:30 PM
6. Burn 2000 calories per week

To see past week goals click here.

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  1. Every dang week I say that I need to add some upper body strength training. Each week I fail in that endeavor!!! :-(

    Seriously? Did you try to run around the block? Go to the bathroom??? Anything to drop that point 1!!!! Those darn scales!!! You have it though...I'll be here waiting to celebrate with you when you see it!!!


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