Friday, June 14, 2013

Somerset 10K

At my last 10K I found myself dead last!!! Saturday, June 8th I would find myself in almost the exact same place!!

My goal for this race was to be faster than my last 10K. I wanted to beat the 1:18.40.... 12:40 pace....
Somerset is a bit hilly. 160 ft climb around mile 2, 90 ft climb at mile 3, and several other 50 ft climbs.
I was passed by quite a few people in the first few miles. I was last!!!! They also had a 10K walk, so I wasnt last last!! But I was at the end of the runners.

It was a bit chilly and sprinkly to start. Cloudy, 57 degrees, with 88% humidity.  The humidity was downplayed by the cooler temperatures.

I power walked the hills, and was able to run the rest.

Time: 1:19.07 Pace 12:37.......... I missed my PR by 27 seconds, BUT, I had a better pace.... In other words, I didnt run the tangents at this race. I ran 6.27 miles instead of 6.2....... OH well!! Ill get it next time!!!

AND AMBER did the 5K walk. She didnt sign up for the run because she was afraid of being sore from the last half marathon... SHE FINISHED FIRST IN HER AGE GROUP!!!!!!! She got a medal... SO proud of her and her accomplishment!!  Time 42:26 Thats a 13: 34 pace.  


  1. Hi Deb, I like the saying...Dead last beats did not start, which trumps did not finish. Congratulations on being a finisher:)

  2. You finished and should be very proud. 10k was a tough one for me. I am the turtle running through peanut butter-love that saying!

  3. You're out there doing it, which is more than I can say. Great job on your race. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

  4. You were out there doing it! That's all that matters in the are doing GREAT!!!!! :-) As for the turtle running through peanut butter....I got a turtle charm to signify my most recent 10 pounds gone for my charm bracelet....for that reason. But I'm still doing a ton better than I did before I started running!!

    You keep rocking it!

  5. No matter the time you did awesome. You are out there running, jogging, walking, crawling when others are watching and not doing a thing. I love the weight loss in pictures, you have come so very far. SO VERY FAR!!!! I am so proud of you.
    I have to start over, again but it is what it is and today is day one...again. Even with 50 miles of paddling, 26 miles of hiking eating all that processed stuff didn't help me one little bit. Maybe next week after all the salt passes and the water weight leave things will look better, hopefully.
    You keep going girl and I'll work hard to catch up. Together this is so much better, thank you for being there for me.
    Blessings my friend.

  6. That's not slow! Congrats on another great 10K! Bummer on missing the tangents, I know how that feels.


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