Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Run for the Dream Half Part two

Run for the Dream

Short version:
Awesome packet pick up
Great organization
Lots and lots of water stops
Lots and lots of volunteers
Back of the pack had food and medals and water!!! 
Great communication on facebook and thru emails

Heat, (but nothing the organizers could do about that one!!)
No fuel on the course
Race hotel had check out at 11 AM (to early)
Shirts were very small

Long version:
Our hotel was within a mile of the start line, so we opted to walk. A good warm up.  There were quite a few port a johns. There were buses for the gear check. They provided clear bags, that you had to use.
We were asked to gather on the street around 6:45AM. You were asked to stand in the area of your pace group.  There were no corrals set up.  
We were entertained by the Fife and Drum Corp. We then paused for a moment of silence for Boston.  There were some first responders at the race, and also a Boston Marathoner. We thanked the wounded warriors who joined us and the service men and women who are still serving. 
This race offered discounts to military personnel. I saw some shirts saying, "Im running for my husband in Afghanistan". There were also some who were representing Wounded Warriors. One vet carried the American Flag.  After the National Anthem that was sung by a student from the Dream Academy, we were off. 

Amber and I started out doing 3/1 intervals. We started by running thru Colonial Williamsburg. The horse dung on the streets made me feel liek I was at home.
After mile 3 we switched to 2/2 intervals. It was starting to get hot. Thankfully quite a bit of the race was shaded by trees.  We were doing pretty good and keeping up our goal of 12:30 miles. Ferguson had some amazing signs, but I missed most of them.They were funny, and of course I cant remember what they said. ... At mile 6 I could see that Amber was starting to have some abdominal troubles. We took some extra walk breaks. Our goal was to stay in front of the 3:00 pace group. Somewhere around this point, they passed us. 
At mile 7 were were on cobblestone and my feet were aching. We had just climbed two hills! It was time to run, and we realized we were walking faster than we were running. We decided to keep walking. This was the out and back portion of the race. We saw two wonderful ladies playing, (Im not sure what it was).. but they were so encouraging. Clapping and waving. 

The cobblestone continued and we were crossing a bridge and the shade trees ended. It was so hot!! We came to a turnaround point, and ran into this amazing water station. They were all dressed up in coconut bras and they were standing in the heat handing out water, giving amazing encouragement!! And playing Jimmy Buffet tunes! (at least I think thats who it was, my brain wasnt thinking very clearly)
On our way back down the hill we saw our first person who needed medical attention. I have to say, it was so wonderful to see so many volunteers!! They rode bikes on the course. I think the longest time of not seeing a volunteer was only three minutes. They were everywhere and it was wonderful knowing they were there if we needed something!!! 

Mile 10 or so (they were all running together by this point) there was a lady with a garden hose. AAHHHH it felt so good!!! 

We kept walking....
At mile 12 I noticed Amber was really slowing down. She looked like she was in pain. She doesnt complain about pain, EVER! But, I could see it on her face. We both commented that mile 11 and 12 were taking forever!! We were passing a church and there were angels, handing out orange slices, PURE HEAVEN!!! 
We finally rounded the corner and saw the stadium. Around the track and there was the finish line. I could tell Amber wanted to run, but she couldnt make her legs go. We walked across the finish line together. 

Water and cold wet towels. AMAZING!!!! Misting tents, AAAHHH yes. I was so hot!!! 
We made our way over to the food. Chocolate Milk. I chugged it!! another bottle of cold water!! A banana, granola bar, and pretzels.
There was a long line at the BBQ tent.
Our hotel had a checkout at 11 AM and it was already 10:30. We headed straight for the shuttle, and missed the entire after race bash.
We were in such a hurry to get back and shower, we even missed our post race picture!!

We both showered, checked out, filled our cooler with ice, and were on the road home by 11:15 AM. 

Our final time: 3:14.54  On the way home Amber admitted during mile 12 she was starting to shiver and get goose bumps...UM heat stroke?? I sure am glad we agreed to stick together no matter what! That orange slice and sprinkler was an answer to prayer. And listening to her body and slowing our pace, saved the day!

I would love to do this half marathon again!! I would make sure to stay an  extra day to enjoy the city!! 


  1. Great job to both of you:) I bet you could have gotten a late checkout. I have done that before for a race and they are usually accomodating. Sounds like a fun race!

  2. I am so proud of you both. And being there for and with Amber was awesome. I don't know if I can ever do a 1/2 but you are just so inspiring. Yep, I'd stay a day longer too and also talk to the hotel about a later check out. I do know the do that for a few extra dollars.
    Take care Deb and have a terrific day. It was so fun texting with you last night.

  3. Congratulations! I would love to do a half marathon someday. Not in the heat, though! I would rather run in the cold than when it's hot! I hope both of you are proud of your accomplishment!

  4. Congrats. I can't imagine doing a half, especially with the heat. You two did great !


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