Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Run for the Dream Half Marathon Part one

Run for the Dream Half Marathon in Williamsburg VA.  This weekends events benefits the Achievable Dream Academy and the Wounded Warriors.

I was honored to win a free entry into the Half  Marathon thru Carolines blog. I didnt want to go alone, so I drug Amber with me.
We sat in traffic quite a bit in our 4 1/2 turned into 5 1/2 hour trip! Our van doesnt have AC!! We guzzled water, chatted and laughed at this motorcycle family.

My leg and arm got a bit to much sun on the drive down! I eventually realized what was happening and used the best sun screen I had, a piece of paper.

The first thing we did was pick up our packets at the visitors center. Very easy and smooth! Follow the ribbon and we were thru in about 10 minutes. Everyone was very helpful and friendly!
Our hotel room wasnt ready yet, so we went searching for KT tape for Ambers knee, for a tank top and for something to eat!  As we were driving we kept seeing RailRoad Crossing bars on the roads, but there werent railroad tracks. I noticed that it was along the roads that said Hurricane evacuation route, but I couldnt figure out why they would put the bars down to keep people off the route if it was the evacuation route.  The friendly waitress at Cracker Barrel explained that if theres a hurricane they open the Route to go the 'wrong way' so that both lanes of the highway go the same way, further inland. . The bars come down so that people cant drive the 'right way'.

HOT!!! It was HOT!!!
It was 96 degrees in the shade according to this thermometer at Cracker Barrel when we stopped for supper at 3:30!!! Have I mentioned, it was hot!!!!
Last weekend we had snow in the air at home, and this weekend we were sweltering in 96 degree weather!!!! Speaking of Cracker Barrel, they have amazing baked potatoes!!! Awesome day before a race fuel!!

We checked into our hotel and checked out our goody bag. The shirt was VERY small!! Ill be lucky to get into it within the next two years. I sent them an email to see if I can exchange it. There were coupons for local eateries and health clubs, a key chain, car magnet, magazine, and of course our bib.  They handed out cow bells to everyone, and we saw/heard lots of them being used by families and spectators during the race.

We were also given a day pass to Colonial Williamsburg. Amber and I went
exploring. Of course by the time we got there it was after 5PM and most of the places were closed, but we enjoyed the sights.  The streets were cobblestone, and crushed sea shells lined the walkways. I wish we wouldve been able to see inside the different buildings. The old time print shop, the saloon, the church, so many places, but we looked in the windows.  That night they had special readings and presentations followed by fireworks. We were exhausted so we went to our hotel, but we could see the fireworks from our room.

 If you signed up early you also received tickets to Busch Gardens.

Race report to follow............

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  1. WOW!!! This sounded like it was an awesome and amazing place to be and see. I can't wait to hear the rest. Thank you for sharing story. I hope when Mike is settled and we have regular routines and such we can plan stuff too.
    Keep it up Deb. You really are an amazing woman.


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