Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pay it Forward

Today my schedule called for a three mile easy run. I very rarely deviate from my training plan!!

A new friend sent me a message on face book, asking me some questions about walking the 5K that I help coordinate at our church.  She wanted to sign up, but felt like she would embarrass herself.  What if she couldn't finish. She kept saying she was afraid she would fail.

She was asking if I know of a 5 K loop around town, or if I could give her pointers. I asked her if she was free tonight around 7 PM to join me at the park.

So tonight I walked with her. Our pace was a 20 minute mile, and, we had fun!! For her it was a workout! She was sweating and at times a bit winded. We slowed down and ended up doing walking intervals.

I wore my Garmin and she looked at me and said, how far does it say we went now? 3.8 miles. WOW that wasnt to bad!!

She was finished, and I was so proud of her!!!
I may have given up my three mile run, but I helped her find her confidence!


  1. That's just awesome Deb!!! So, so cool! Way to be an inspiration and help her get through it. Now she knows she can do it!!! You are fabulous!

  2. How wonderful! I'm sure she really appreciated you doing that for her.

  3. That are what friends are for. Support and I am betting you just started something with her that she can keep going and going on. I am proud of you and also your friend for trying. Awesome!!
    Take care and enjoy your new friendship. An exercise buddy is such a great thing. Wish you were closer to me. Oh well, being alone is okay too.


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