Wednesday, June 26, 2013


For my moms party, I purchased some flowers for decorations on the tables and the card table.

After the party I brought them home and added color to my porch and flower beds.

BUT, first I had to clear out the weeds. I havent had time to 'play' in the flower beds for several days , weeks , at all this spring. The poor flowers were overrun with weeds. two hours of pulling and tugging, and digging produced brown earth.

To start the leaning tower, I dug a hole, about 1 foot deep and shoved the rebar down as far as I could.  (My husband purchased a bar that is 6 ft high, rather than the  4 ft that I needed) For the bottom I decided I wanted a larger pot sitting level on the ground. I used some rocks, and other debris so that I didn't have to use so much dirt.
I used two more pots on top of that, sitting them caddy corner to each other. Then I started to fill each pot with flowers.I really like the look, BUT, its going ot be hard to water!! I think I filled the dirt to close to the edge. SO!!! I came up with a genius idea. I drank a diet coke!! And then I cut the bottom off of the bottle, turned it upside down, and stuck it in the pot!! Its in the back so you cant see it. NOW when I water the flowers, I just fill the upside down diet coke bottle!!!

 I had enough flowers left over that I was able to do several flower pots for the steps!! I LOVE FLOWERS!!! I don't usually spend money on annuals, but this year, I can use my mom as my excuse!! 


  1. Great idea for watering with the bottle. I read a cute idea once about strawberry pots and how hard it was to get the lower areas watered. The suggestion was to take a piece of PVC pipe and drill holes in it, insert that in the middle of the pot before filling with dirt and fill it with water. The holes you drilled will water the bottom. Also, when you plant something like a tree or shrub take a gallon milk jug, discard the lid, put a few rocks in the bottom so it won't blow away, and poke a hold in a bottom corner and set it next to your new tree (or whatever). Fill the jug with water and the hole will release the water slowly so it will be absorbed and won't run off. Your flowers are beautiful - I love flowers as well. Take care.

  2. The flowers look beautiful! I've always enjoyed having flowers on the front porch.

  3. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!! Really. I don't buy flowers either, Jim does and we usually have a budget of like $8.00, this year $10. So got 5 hanging planters and 2 small ones for the porch. Your garden is pretty and I love the pots. And your idea, now that was smart. You are a smart cookie.
    Take care Deb. Blessings!!

  4. The pot arrangement is so cool. What a great idea with the coke bottle!

  5. That's beautiful and very creative. One day I'll have my own place and play with my own flower pots. LOL

  6. I love your leaning tower of flower pots!

  7. NO WAY! I have GOT to make one of those towers! That is AWESOME!!!!!


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