Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What did he say?

Questions that make you say WHAT!!!!

I live in a small town. Approximately 400 people. Although we do have a stop light and three bars.
The town maintenance man is 'very friendly'. Waves every time you pass him, whether walking or driving. The past several months he hasnt been waving, and I figured it was because I was behind on my water bill.

Every Tuesday morning I walk the hills of town with my friend M.  This morning when I got home, he was outside cleaning up some of the gravel used on the roads during the winter snows. He looked at me and said, "How much weight have you lost?" I told him about 65 pounds. He complimented me, "Youre looking really good!!"  I thanked him and turned to go inside,

THEN he said, "I bet your husband really likes it too!!"

That pissed me off, and I went into the house before I said something that would make him want to cut off my water or gas!!!!


  1. No, but my boyfriend sure does... Geez Men.

  2. Bastard. God, men just don't know WHEN to SHUT UP!


  3. The things people say about weight loss always amaze me. I think I have heard it all from "you look older now" to "Im sure you will gain the weight back and even more". The little boy in the picture looks like my son when he was little (same attitude)

  4. Ha! You are girl after my own heart.


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