Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekly Update

Weekly Update:  I really really really need to add some toning and yoga into my schedule!!!

Monday: 30 minute walk
Tuesday: 4 miles hills.
Wednesday: 30 minute walk
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 30 minute walk
Saturday: 9K with my daughter. Intervals.

Weight: to see each week weigh in click here:
03-11-13 206.0 Challenge with Julie
04-08-13 199.6  +0.3 Total 6.4  100 Day Challenge started
05-27-13 191.2 -0.6  Total 14.8

Yesterday we celebrated my mom and sons birthday. I knew we would be having ice cream cake and pizza/bread sticks. I started with a big salad and then enjoyed a few bread sticks and a small piece of cake. It was delicious. I planned for those luxuries!! I will lose weight while allowing myself to enjoy desserts! (once in a while) Moderation is the key for me!! We are all different and what works for me may not work for you!!!

I didnt have 10000 steps each day, but I did average over 10000 per day.  (This seems to be weekly comment) Three days a week I work 13 hours a day, and those days are hard to get that many in!!  Those days I am doing wall push ups and squats on my breaks. Now that its getting warmer Ive been walking to and from work.

I stayed around 1200 calories a day. I started using My Fitness Pal again.

I burned 1106 calories this week. Missed my 2000 goal.

I had 100 oz of water every day.

Week Eleven goals are going to stay the same!

1. 10000 steps a day
2. 100 oz of water a day
3. 1200 calories a day
4. Not eat after 7:30 PM
5.  Be in bed by 10:30 PM
6. Burn 2000 calories per week

To see past week goals click here.


  1. Great job Deb! I totally agree that we have to make room in our lives for treats every once in a while:) If I don't get a brownie every once in a while, life is no fun;)

  2. AWESOME!!! I love that we are doing this together. 192.0 so just .8 behind you. Getting there girl. The 180's are on their way.
    I too have got to get some strenght and stretching in. I do so good with the cardio, not to good at all with the rest. Gotta work on that.
    Take care and good luck this week. Blessings my friend!

  3. I think you are spot on in your quest to have the luxuries once in a while and continue to lose weight. That is the only way to make this livable and permanent lifestyle!

    Keep rockin' those weigh ins!


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