Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lisa Wade 9K

This is the first year for the Lisa Rosa Flood City 9K and 4 mile walk. My employer offered a 10.00 discount if we signed up thru their Healthy Rewards program. A 9K for $15. yes please!!!

In January 2011 Lisa was diagnosed with small bowel cancer.  She had surgery and underwent chemotherapy.  One year later in, January 2012 the cancer was back in her colon. In December 2012 the colon cancer had returned and she was newly diagnosed with rectum cancer.  She had surgery and now is in recovery.
She woke up one day and wanted to find a way to raise money and awareness for those who cant afford a wig, medications, or families who need help to pay for hotel rooms.

Today was COLD!! We had snow flurries yesterday!! This morning it was 30 degrees with 12 MPH winds. BRRR!!

The race was scheduled to start at 9AM. Due to the large number of race day registrations, the race was actually postponed by 25 minutes!!! It was so cold standing out there on the football field. BUT, what a wonderful problem to have........people coming out to support a great cause!!!

Our pre race picture. Yes!! I had on a headband to cover my ears!!!

We started on the high school track, and by 1/2 mile were on a gravel trail. The trail was hard to run on. It felt like we were sinking, and it was to propel myself forward. By mile two the gravel turned into more of a fine crushed stone, and it was easier to run on. We stayed on this path until mile 3.
Mile 3 was on city streets and sidewalks.
Mile 4 met back up with the trail and we returned back to the track at the high school. As soon as we the track Amber took off and beat me by 35 seconds. When we met up with the trail again, the 4 mile walkers were returning and it was a bit congested!! There was some weaving and bobbing, a saying excuse me.
After the run there was  a yoga instructor to lead in several stretches. It was a wonderful 10 minute deep stretch!
The food was amazing!! Chocolate milk, a 4 inch sub, an orange or apple, a whoopie pie, and a bag of chips, and of course, water, coffee and hot chocolate.

When we left the track at the beginning we were in dead last! But we ended up passing 34 people during the course.
5.61 miles
1.13.31  (13.06 pace)
We did intervals, 3 minute run 1 minute walk.

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  1. And you did awesome!!! I wish we had more races around here. That or I have to look harder, but I do.
    You amazing me with all you do. Really.
    Keep up the wonderful work.


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