Sunday, May 19, 2013

Delaware Half Marathon

Every year my friend Cheryl and I do a spring half marathon.  About three weeks before the race she ended up getting hurt and told me she wasnt going to go.  I ended up with pneumonia, but I did not want to give up the race.  

Saturday morning my daughter, son, and I headed to Wilmington Delaware. Interstate the whole way!! 
Scary long tunnel going under the river in Baltimore. My mind goes so many different places when Im driving under millions of gallons of water. "What if there's an accident" "What if the roof starts to leak" "What if my van breaks down".   
Four lane highways. And thankfully on a Saturday, not much traffic!! So many on ramps and off ramps and exits. Thankful for my Garmin!!

Finally entered Delaware.
We  went straight to packet pick up.  Couldnt find a place to park. All the garages were closed, and I couldnt find a parking spot for the park. So we left and went to the hotel, with plans of checking in and then walking down to the packet pickup/Expo. Room wasnt ready but they let us park there and we walked down to the park. The Expo was very small. A tent in the park. Within 15 minutes we had our bibs and were on our way back to the hotel. Stopped at a small pizza/sub place and ate part of a wrap. 

The King and Queen of Sweden  were in town.  The police and very nicely dressed official looking men were everywhere!!! 

Walked to the Sheraton, and was VERY impressed with the room!! 
 Amber and I had a King size bed and Branden has a pull out couch. Each with separate TVs. SO comfortable. I laid out my clothes and by 9PM was in bed. Slept amazingly well, wasnt nervous at all!! Did wake up a few times, but right back to sleep!!

The race was a little less than a mile from the hotel, so we walked to the start to warm up our legs.
Humidity was 82% and I was a bit worried, but didnt say anything to Amber (she has asthma). Our race plan was to do intervals. Run 3 minutes walk 1.  Amber had never done a half before, she actually had never run more than 4 miles at one time before. (She only found out she was in the race a week before).  Our plan was to stick together unless one of us felt really good, and just needed to go. (I knew there was NO WAY I was leaving her!! I planned to stick with her and cross the finish line with her! MY Mothers Day gift!!)

The marathon started at 7 AM. The relayers at 7:05 AM and the halfers at 7:20 AM.
Miles 1-3 were going good. I could tell I hadnt run long runs for a while, and Amber was strong. SO, at mile 3 I gave her my Garmin, and told her to go for it. I kept the gym boss and changed to 2 run 2 walk intervals. I could see the back of Ambers shirt until about mile 5, then I lost her. Somewhere between 5 and 6 the first male marathoner passed me. (The marathoners did two laps.) It was so neat to watch him go, so fast!! And perfect form!!!
Mile 6 was a 200 foot climb. I walked the whole thing!! No way in the world I was going to use up any extra energy on that hill. At the top I started some intervals again. THEN, at mile 7 the lead female marathoner passed me. Again, I was in awe!!!
Miles 7-10 we ran through some beautiful shady neighborhoods. Somewhere in there we ran past a noisy zoo.  At this point I was whooped. I ended up walking all of mile 11 and 12. I caught a woman who wanted to stop. We started chatting, and I learned she lost 60 lbs. We chatted weight loss, and the two miles passed quickly. At that point I started intervals again.  On my way down the hill to the 13 mile sign a car pulled out in front of me. The cop was banging on the trunk trying to get them to stop, and he stopped right in front of me. They put it in reverse, so I rounded  to the front, as the cop said, hurry go (to the driver) so I stopped just waited.

Crossed the finish line in 3:09.52 The slowest I've ever completed a half marathon.
Amber beat me!!  3:04.30 So very proud of her!! She started running in January 2013, and hadnt done anything longer than a 4 mile run.

We went to the food tent, I devoured half of a soft pretzel and a chocolate milk.

On our way back to the hotel I saw Alyssa running down the final hill. I stalk her blog, and dream of being like her. I hollered at her, and of course she stopped, and then I felt horrible, because she lost her stride....

Great facebook page and communication
Name or nickname on bib
Small race, only 1900 between the Marathon, Half, and Relayers
Great swag: the medal is heavy, the pint glass is awesome
Most of the race was in shaded areas
Race hotel check outs were 12 so we were able to shower afterwards

Race shirt was VERY small!! 
At some turns I wasnt sure which way to go
The car that pulled out in front of me
Not much crowd support except at the finish line

Thanks Branden for driving home! Ambers recovery! and Chicken that just needed to have his picture taken

most photos taken by Amber


  1. Way to go ladies!! So awesome that you 2 did it together!

  2. WOW!!! I mean it, I am so amazed and proud of you. I can imagine running the far. 3-4 miles is my tops right now. And look at your go. WOW!!!
    I love the fact that your family goes with you, works out with you and you have such support. Wonderful!
    Take care and have a blessed week!

  3. Congratulations to both of you! The hotel looks really nice!

  4. Congrats for finishing! :-) (and to your daughter too)

    I love reading race reports....they just make me smile!


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