Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tracking Food

Gaining weight is easy.
Losing weight is hard!!

In my fight to lose weight, one of my tools is My Fitness Pal.  I use this program to track every piece of food and every drink that goes into my mouth!! 

This allows me to track my calories, carbs, sugar, and protein.
I am able to preplan my day. 

If you would like to join me with my fitness pal, my user name is debsdailylife.

I found a wonderful video on you tube that walks you thru setting up an account. Ive had an account for several years, and the video showed me some things I didnt realize were available. 

I dont have a smart phone so I dont use the app, but heres a link to a you tube informational video.

This is my own opinion, I was not compensated in any way!!


  1. I agree, it is so much harder to lose weight than it is to gain it. Too bad it's not the other way around!

  2. Hi Deb! Awesome that you are journaling your food. It makes a HUGE difference. You'll be amazed. I personally use a food journaling notebook and pen. I like to be able to look back and analyze problems and trends.

    :-) Marion


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