Thursday, April 11, 2013

Non Scale Victory

Have you ever eaten at Panera Bread?  They have delicious soups, salads, bread, kettle cooked potato chips and sandwiches!!

Yesterday someone stopped at a Panera Bread and brought us some goodies.

The cookies are HUGE!!! and OH SO GOOD!!!!

 I decided to look up the calorie count on the website before I grabbed one. 420 calories for that Chocolate Chip cookie.  I stared at those cookies until 8PM last night, and I was able to withstand.


They also brought some kettle cooked potato chips. Hard crunchy and my FAVORITE!!!!
I didnt have any of them!!!

I did have a small baguette with my salad. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

NOW, there will still be some leftovers there today, and Im hoping I can resist again today.
After work, I had a meeting for church.  They always have cookies and crackers, and other snack type food.
I grabbed an apple out of the fridge, and took my Crazy Richards Peanut Butter, and thats what I had for my snack/supper.  (It was 8 PM by the time I was off work and made it to the meeting)
They did have some Lays Chicken and Waffles potato chips, and I had to taste them.  It tasted like chips dipped in Maple Syrup.
BUT, overall I would say yesterday was a success in not being tempted.


  1. Good for you, Deb. I love Panera Bread but I never go there anymore because they are really not to friendly for dieters. Good job on taking your own snack to church. Church is a place where loads of fattening food are offered and it is hard to say no to people who have prepared the foods.

  2. Good for you! That is some willpower. I find checking the calories or WW points on foods sometimes helps to control the impulse to eat them.
    I have never seen the chicken and waffle potato chips. Thank goodness it doesn't sound appetizing to me at all.

  3. HUUUUUUUGE non scale victory! And build on that success and remember how empowered you felt when you resisted...that is what will carry you through today!

  4. Excellent passing up the goodies. That cookie looks mighty tempting.... & I do love some Kettle chips. At work I have no problem passing those things up because I find if I don't bring something to share then I shouldn't take from others that did:-) That's my way to stay away from all the goodies they eat in my office! I have to admit that eventhought the chicken & waffles chips sound gross, I have been curious as to what they would taste like. The syrup I assumed but do you really taste chicken?? It's just crazy I tell ya! LOL


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