Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mt Summit 2013

Sunday was the Mt Summit Challenge.  This race had a unique start.
I wasn't sure if I was going to do this race this year. But then my daughter and my dear friend wanted to do it, so I signed up. This is my friend who had leukemia, a transplant, and has been in recovery for the last three years. Friend and I had no goals, other than to finish.

On Saturday night Friend called and she wouldn't be able to go. SO, I was left to battle it up the mountain with Amber!! I now had a goal!!! To finish in under an hour, and not die!! (I knew I would be slower than last year because of my bronchitis/pneumonia episode several weeks ago.

5% chance of rain, and winds of 5 MPH per weather.com.   WRONG!!! It was raining, and the wind was whipping!! Because of the rain I left the camera and my phone in the car.

I got stuck behind some people in jeans and she (Amber) took off!!! I chased her the whole way up!!!
I kept an even pace the whole way up, which I was proud of, but at the finish line, I wasn't exhausted so I know I could have pushed harder!

I am the LEAST competitive person I know, but I always try find someone and try to pass them, my motivation!!! There was a lady in black shorts with bright green stripes. Every time Id come up to her, she would start running (I think she signed up as a walker!!). Then she would slow down, and Id catch her... this happened quite a few times for the last mile.  I actually laughed the last time, she turned around and snarled!!! She did beat me to the top, but she did it cheating!!

This is a picture from last year. This was taken at the lookout 3/4 of the way up the mountain.... STEEP!!
This is a point to point race. Last we had two vehicles so we left one at the top and drove back down. THIS year we only had one vehicle, so Amber and I ran back down. On our way back down, I stopped and talked to a lady and her daughter. They were last. The mom looked miserable. She was puffing, out of breath, she was overweight, her shoulders were drooping, she looked defeated, she looked old.  I stopped and told her how proud I was of her. Told her that she would see the finish line as soon as she rounded the corner. And that I was proud of her and her hard work to make it this far! She got tears in her eyes, and said 'God bless you my dear". She hugged me and they were off.

I looked her up when the results were published. She was not much older than me. It made me wonder about who she was. What happened in her life that contributed to being overweight. Is she trying to be healthy? I wanted to share my story with her and encourage her!!!

Amber and I kept walking down the mountain. She has a huge stride, and I had to jog once in a while to keep up with her. Eventually we jogged the rest of the way, (She beat me again!!!)
Monday afternoon I could barely walk!! Running down a mountain is painful, the next day!!!

Amber finished the uphill portion in 57:27 (she even beat my time from last year!! 57:49)
I finished this year in 1:01.55
Wet, cold, and ready for some food!! AND a hot shower!!


  1. That sounds like killer race! I may have to check it out next year if I"m still on my running kick! :-)

    Yay you for completing it again AND without your partner (sorry dearest daughter, I know you were still there for your mom!)!!!!!

  2. AWESOME!!!!! I mean it totally awesome. And do have done it with Amber, what a great family you have.
    I am so very proud of you Deb, I mean it really proud. Way to go girl.
    I just signed up for my first 5K this year. It's on the 18th and again another one on the 8th. Not sure after that yet but a start to the summer....if it gets here. 18" of snow just south of us and it's only 20* today and cloudy and threatening to do something. However my rhubarb is up about 3" so spring is trying.
    Take care and keep it up Deb. Blessings!!

  3. That race sounds like a rain/wind battle that you won!!!
    I have a long term goal that someday I will be finishing races in the middle of the pack and be strong enough to go back and run others in toward the back of the pack! Those encouraging words mean so much!!!

  4. WOW that sounds crazy and FUN! Great job!

  5. That is STEEP! What an interesting event!

  6. Great job! That sounds like a super challenging race. And good for you for encouraging the other woman. Kind words from a stranger can make a huge difference in someone's life.


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