Sunday, April 7, 2013


I spent the weekend at camp.
Im tired, Im sore, and Im sick.

Our church has a Bible Quizzing Program for middle school and high school. This weekend was the season ending competition.   I am the coach of one of the Senior High teams. My team is made up of all girls and we had a wonderful season. (January 1st to April 6th)

Friday night I was bunking with 8 girls in grades 9 thru 12. Sleep?? UM yeah, right!!! 
BUT,  I was challenged by their maturity, love, and caring towards each other. 

We chatted about boys, cutting, theology, and we giggled (alot).  We did some chorus line kicking, they tried to teach me to do a split. (OUCH)  We got in trouble twice because we were to loud. 

Finally around 2AM the lights went out, and the farmer girls fell asleep, while  some of the others giggled a bit longer. 

Saturday afternoon this woman was draggin!!! I sat on a couch in the lodge, and put my head back to rest. My dear son came along and sat beside me. Didnt take long for me to grab a quick nap!! 
A dear friend snapped this picture.
NOW, when I looked at that picture, my first thot was, AWE!!! 
and then my second thot, Why are my boobs under my armpits?? I NEED a new bra!
Third thot: You can see stomach rolls, 
Fourth thot: My hips are huge. 
So thankful for the computer button that says CROP!!! 


  1. Ahhh just hearing you say quizzing took me back to memories of quizzing with my church and all the different types of competition...and going to youth conference to compete nationally. AHhh good memories...THANK YOU! :-)

  2. I love this pic Deb! You are being too hard on yourself. Sounds like a really fun (and tiring) time:)

  3. you are not going to get anywhere throwing those negative thoughts about yourself around like that. Yes, we have big hips, but we are Mennonite so it's okay! :) And about any rolls you think you see in this picture? I don't see them.
    Okay? Okay.

    Love you :)

  4. LOL, we are always are own worst judge!

  5. Hahaha, you are so funny. I love the crop option too. I see Amber is Mennonite too, so I'm going to check out her blog. It's funny how we "M's" find each other all over the world.
    Welcome home and take a rest!

  6. Have mercy on yourself! You look like a person who is sleeping. Everyone droops when they sleep. Also, you should not dissect yourself like that. You're a person, not a bunch of body parts. I don't think that anyone else but yourself is in any way bothered by your photo.

    :-) Marion

  7. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! And I love you son. I am missing mine so much. Dang it's good thing this weekend is coming soon.
    I am so glad you had a good weekend but sorry you got sick. I hope you feel better soon, really soon.
    Wonder what the scale will say in the morning. Sure hope another loss for us both.
    Take care Deb. Have a blessed week!


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