Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just Keep Swimming!

Tuesday is my 'work from home day'.  I usually procrastinate and do a long walk with my wonderful friend first.
After about two miles, I said, "Lets turn left today."  OY VEY!!! Two huge short distance hills. And then one long distance hill. When we finally hit 7 miles, we had two more hills left. I wimped out!!! And we decided to take a short cut through the woods.
We started out with car tracks on the path. (someone was collecting Maple Water for syrup)
It soon turned into 8 inches of very wet snow without car tracks. We kept trudging along. Eventually we hit water. Our pace slowed way down!!

And to keep the our mood high, we started singing LOUDLY, Just keep swimming.

As we came out of the woods we saw a heart in the sky (use your imagination), and the sunshine. 
It was a great walk!! And Im mighty sore tonight!!! 


  1. I do see the heart in the clouds. It sounds like you had quite the workout through the wet snow!

  2. Gorgeous scenery, a friend to be with AND sore muscles. That is the PERFECT walk in my book!

  3. I see the heart, no imagination needed!! great walk btw....

  4. Way to go Deb! Glad you found your way home;) I see the heart!


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