Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Five

Jessee at Jessees Spot is hosting a Friday Five Blog Hop. My mind is a jumping all over the place today. So todays Friday Five is bullet points.

  1. MY kids are coming home from college today for Spring Break!! They are coming home to me rather than going to the beach and partying all week!!! They must really love me!! (or theyre broke), but Im going with they really love me!!!
  2. Im not a tea drinker, BUT, this looks delicious! I love black licorice!!! I saw it on a blog this morning, I clicked on the picture to save it, and now that Im going back to find the blog, ITS GONE!!! (So, if this is yours please let me know and Id LOVE to give you credit!!.(edit. IT WAS LAURA!! from Storybook Reality)
  3. Do you know Julie? Shes an amazing woman!! We're both trying to lose weight and be healthy. I love her support!!! The other day she talked about potty exercises!! I used to do this all the time after I left the gym, and for some reason I stopped  doing them. She reminded me to start doing squats, wall push ups, jumping jacks, again every time I use the potty!!(I refuse to do push ups on the floor of the bathroom at work)
  4. Today officially starts half marathon training for Delaware!! And also the 3.5 mile treck up the Summit Mountain. 
  5. I need to go open my kids bedroom doors. When they leave for college the bedroom doors come closed. (saves electricity)!!!! Time to open them up and let in the warmth.
    5.5 This weekend is the St Patricks Day Virtual.


  1. Yay for the kiddos coming home! Enjoy:) I will be running the virtual race too:)


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