Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Friday Five, on Tuesday!!

I'm one day late on my Friday Five link up.Jessee at Jessees Spot is hosting a Friday Five Blog Hop. My mind is a jumping all over the place again today. So todays Friday Five is bullet points.

  1. My amazing daughter Amber has been working on loosing weight and shes doing an amazing job!! 130 lbs so far. She was stretching the other day and heard a loud pop.  Her knee is still swollen and sore. Since shes home for Spring Break we saw her doctor, who ordered an MRI. 
  2. After the 715 AM MRI we were off to Pittsburgh. Amber has absence seizures (staring into space) and it is time to do an EEG.  They hook her up to wires and send her home with a box and a diary to complete. We stopped at Sams Club and Eat N Park on the way home. It was 'fun' to watch how people responded to her. Hop over to her blog to see how one man asked her if it was the 'new fashion statement'?

3.  My mom is recovering from her accident. She didnt get nearly as sore as I thot she would until 4 days later. Im so thankful that she is not hurt. A friend of mine was taking his daughter to work at the time of the accident. His young son snapped these pictures as they drove past

4.  Friday on our way to Pittsburgh my van started giving me fits. The notice, AC has been turned off to protect your engine, flashed on my dashboard. (I wasnt using my AC! It hasnt worked for YEARS!!) But this message means my thermostat must be replaced!! For the second time this year! But, on the way home it did go off, and I could hear the motor slow down.... We made it home!

5.  Spring break is over tomorrow and my kids go are back to in college.
5.25 We're getting another snow storm this weekend. GRRRRR. BUT then Ill get to use my NEW Yaktrax thanks to Raina from Small Town Runner.   (shes an amazing christian runner, and shes SO FAST!!) a blogpost for another day!!
5.5 I still cant find this tea anywhere! And I WANT it. I LOVE licorice!! This picture is from Laura with Storybook reality.

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  1. Sooo did you get to use your Yaktrax????

    Sorry to hear that your kiddos are back in school. I'm sure it seems quiet. I well remember my parents commenting about it when my brother and I would vamoose to return to the rocks (er schools) we crawled out from under!

    PTL that your mom only suffered soreness and nothing worse!


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