Sunday, March 31, 2013

For You and For Me

Beautiful Scandalous Night

John 3:16

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

My son was in the Easter Play this year. He played Simon, one of the disciples.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just Keep Swimming!

Tuesday is my 'work from home day'.  I usually procrastinate and do a long walk with my wonderful friend first.
After about two miles, I said, "Lets turn left today."  OY VEY!!! Two huge short distance hills. And then one long distance hill. When we finally hit 7 miles, we had two more hills left. I wimped out!!! And we decided to take a short cut through the woods.
We started out with car tracks on the path. (someone was collecting Maple Water for syrup)
It soon turned into 8 inches of very wet snow without car tracks. We kept trudging along. Eventually we hit water. Our pace slowed way down!!

And to keep the our mood high, we started singing LOUDLY, Just keep swimming.

As we came out of the woods we saw a heart in the sky (use your imagination), and the sunshine. 
It was a great walk!! And Im mighty sore tonight!!! 

Friday Five, on Tuesday!!

I'm one day late on my Friday Five link up.Jessee at Jessees Spot is hosting a Friday Five Blog Hop. My mind is a jumping all over the place again today. So todays Friday Five is bullet points.

  1. My amazing daughter Amber has been working on loosing weight and shes doing an amazing job!! 130 lbs so far. She was stretching the other day and heard a loud pop.  Her knee is still swollen and sore. Since shes home for Spring Break we saw her doctor, who ordered an MRI. 
  2. After the 715 AM MRI we were off to Pittsburgh. Amber has absence seizures (staring into space) and it is time to do an EEG.  They hook her up to wires and send her home with a box and a diary to complete. We stopped at Sams Club and Eat N Park on the way home. It was 'fun' to watch how people responded to her. Hop over to her blog to see how one man asked her if it was the 'new fashion statement'?

3.  My mom is recovering from her accident. She didnt get nearly as sore as I thot she would until 4 days later. Im so thankful that she is not hurt. A friend of mine was taking his daughter to work at the time of the accident. His young son snapped these pictures as they drove past

4.  Friday on our way to Pittsburgh my van started giving me fits. The notice, AC has been turned off to protect your engine, flashed on my dashboard. (I wasnt using my AC! It hasnt worked for YEARS!!) But this message means my thermostat must be replaced!! For the second time this year! But, on the way home it did go off, and I could hear the motor slow down.... We made it home!

5.  Spring break is over tomorrow and my kids go are back to in college.
5.25 We're getting another snow storm this weekend. GRRRRR. BUT then Ill get to use my NEW Yaktrax thanks to Raina from Small Town Runner.   (shes an amazing christian runner, and shes SO FAST!!) a blogpost for another day!!
5.5 I still cant find this tea anywhere! And I WANT it. I LOVE licorice!! This picture is from Laura with Storybook reality.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Week Two finished. On to Week Three

Week two was fair. I did not have 10000 steps per day. My average was about 8000.  I cant wait until Spring. (We had 7 more inches of snow today, but its not sticking to the roads!!!! )
My water was awesome, had over 100 oz every day!
My calories were fair. I averaged 1300 per day.
No eating after 6:30PM. I only managed that one, four out of the seven days!! Its amazing how fast time flies when youre home!!
New goal for this week. To be in bed by 10:30  PM!!! This is so hard for me!! I keep finding things to clean or blogs to read!!!

Im so thankful to have a buddy/partner/accountability.  Shes doing amazing too!!

Weekly goals
1. 10000 steps a day
2. 100 oz of water a day
3. 1200 calories a day
4. No food after 6:30 PM.
5.  Be in bed by 10:30PM (new goal for this week)  I have a horrible habit of staying up late and not being able to crawl out of bed in the morning.

03-11-13 206.0
03-18-13 203.2  -2.8
03-25-13 201.4  -1.8 total 4.6

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


My mom rolled her car yesterday. SO thankful for EMS, fire department, friends, and strangers who stopped to help. 

We had 6 inches of fresh snow, and some sleet falling.  

She was on her way to work, Shes 69 years old and she insists on working!! Shes a waitress at a wonderful restaurant in town.  The first thing she said when she crawled out the window was, "Can you call (restaurant) and let them know Ill be a few minutes late. SHE still wanted to go to work!! Stubborn or dedication?!??! Not sure which!! 

She refuses to carry a cell phone with her. She has one, but its HOME IN THE CUPBOARD!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Week Two Goals

Week One goals

1. 10000 steps a day
2. 100 oz of water a day
3. 1200 calories a day

I averaged 10000 a day, I had a few under, but had an awesome walk on Tuesday afternoon, had 100oz of water every day, and averaged 1200 calories a day. Im having a horrible time keeping my sugar at the recommended limit.  Ive been adding fruits, and its amazing how fast they add up!!!

Week Two goals: Adding number 4 this week.

1. 10000 steps a day
2. 100 oz of water a day
3. 1200 calories a day
4. No food after 6:30 PM. This will be hard, Three nights a week I get home from work at 830 PM. SO, I need to prepare!!! Take my supper with me and eat at work instead of when I get home.

03-11-13 206.0
03-18-13 203.2  -2.8

The pictures are embarrassing, Ive lost these 15 lbs before, but this is the last time, and this is my accountability!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

It sparkled, almost

DIY home sweet home has done it again!!! Saturday when I was scrubbing my kitchen floor, I came face to face with my oven door. NASTY!!!!

According to Pintrest, all I had to do was make a paste with baking soda, smear it on the door, and let soak for 20 minutes. I pasted the door, and finished scrubbing my kitchen floor.

Thirty minutes later, I wiped off the paste, and this is what I found.
(Not as clean as the DIY home sweet home pictures, but I was pleased!!!! I LOVE when I find easy, no chemical ways to clean!!   Now I just need to clean the inside... (Another Saturday)!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Five

Jessee at Jessees Spot is hosting a Friday Five Blog Hop. My mind is a jumping all over the place today. So todays Friday Five is bullet points.

  1. MY kids are coming home from college today for Spring Break!! They are coming home to me rather than going to the beach and partying all week!!! They must really love me!! (or theyre broke), but Im going with they really love me!!!
  2. Im not a tea drinker, BUT, this looks delicious! I love black licorice!!! I saw it on a blog this morning, I clicked on the picture to save it, and now that Im going back to find the blog, ITS GONE!!! (So, if this is yours please let me know and Id LOVE to give you credit!!.(edit. IT WAS LAURA!! from Storybook Reality)
  3. Do you know Julie? Shes an amazing woman!! We're both trying to lose weight and be healthy. I love her support!!! The other day she talked about potty exercises!! I used to do this all the time after I left the gym, and for some reason I stopped  doing them. She reminded me to start doing squats, wall push ups, jumping jacks, again every time I use the potty!!(I refuse to do push ups on the floor of the bathroom at work)
  4. Today officially starts half marathon training for Delaware!! And also the 3.5 mile treck up the Summit Mountain. 
  5. I need to go open my kids bedroom doors. When they leave for college the bedroom doors come closed. (saves electricity)!!!! Time to open them up and let in the warmth.
    5.5 This weekend is the St Patricks Day Virtual.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekly Goals!

Weekly goals

1. 10000 steps a day
2. 100 oz of water a day
3. 1200 calories a day

Sounds so easy!! (Why dont I do it??)

Chicken is shredded.
Veggies are cut and bagged.
Smoothies are premixed (as much as possible)
Spinach is bagged. 
Lettuce is cut!!!

edited to add weight

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Five

Friday Five is hosted by Jessee over at Jessees Spot. 

SNOW!!! Its everywhere (sorry Empty Nester)!!! I sure would love to send some your way!!!

My drive to work on Wednesday morning. This was that BIG storm that was supposed to dump 24 inches on us. THANKFULLY, we only received 12 -14!!! I sat in my driveway waiting for the snow plow to go through so I could follow it up the hill.

And I am so greatful that by Thursday afternoon, the roads were once again just wet, and much easier to maneuver!!!

I had off work this morning so I went on walk with my friend down by the river. The wind was bitey cold!! But it was so peaceful!!! For a few minutes I forgot my disgust at the snow!! I started singing the hymn, "When peace like a river, attendeth my way" and then the hymn says whatever my lot that hath taught me to say "it is well'. WELL, this snow is not sitting well, but ok Lord. AND then ironically I started to slip and slide, and I asked the good Lord, "OK, its well with my soul, now, how bout a "Firm Foundation?" (How Firm a Foundation Ye Saints of the Lord)  Is it a sin to take hymn lyrics out of context?

 Look at this 5 day forecast!! Some sun!!! And 50s!! How beautiful!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shamrock Virtual

This is taken directly from Jill Conyers blog.  Click here to register. 
WHO: Anyone that wants to join. You do not have to be a 13 in 2013 participant to join and be eligible for prizes.
WHAT:  A virtual race is running a specified distance (you choose the distance.), timing yourself, without actually being present in the race location.
WHEN:  Anytime during the week of 3/15-3/22.
WHERE:  Pick your favorite local route or jump on the treadmill.
WHY:  For the love of running and….PRIZES (multiple winners)!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shredded Chicken

Ever see something on Pintrest and think, "OH that will never work!!!"

I LOVE chicken!!! And when I saw this pin, I was very skeptical!!!
 It said to boil boneless chicken breasts and while still hot, put in your mixer and mix at 4 - 6 speed for 20 seconds.
(My mixer is broken, but thankfully my mom has a Kitchen Aid and she let me borrow it.)
I had to cover it with my hand, the chicken wanted to jump out when I first started the mixer.
But after 20 seconds this is what I had.
Next time I do this, I will include some spices when its shredding. Any ideas of what I should add (I AM NOT A GOOD COOK and love ideas!!)  This is going to be great for chicken bbq sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, salads etc...

I found this on pintrest and the idea came from Simply Healthy Family .

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stride box

We had SUNSHINE today!!! Gorgeous wonderful warm sunshine!!! This is the first day that it hasnt snowed in the last 10 days!!!

I could NOT stay couped up inside!! I ditched my at home job for the morning and went on a morning walk/jog with my friend!! She wasn't feeling 100% so we took time to enjoy the river, and the cows.  Look at the cool puddle on the road.

When I picked up the mail today I had a Stridebox from Michael from Slowly Tri-in. 

The March box includes.

  • Kind  bar
  • Discount card for items found in the box
  • 2 Peanut Butter Gu 
  • Click espresso protein drink
  • 2 Power Ice frozen Hydration bars
  • Picky Bars Energy bar
  • Run Guard deoderant
  • Win laundry detergent
  • Wrist Wallet
What is the stridebox?  According to their website... "StrideBox is a monthly subscription box service for runners. This means, each month, as a StrideBox subscriber you’ll receive a selection of products focussed on enhancing your trainings, workouts, and races" 
You pay 15. and they send you a box every month.

Liked: Trying new things,  LOVE getting goodies in the mail. (altho you do pay for them), the products valued were more than 15.,  They are adding a stridebox store. You buy thru them at a discount. 

Cons: I cant choose what I want

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Five

Blog Hop Friday Five..... Hosted by Jesse from Jesses spot

1. I have a half marathon coming up in two weeks, and I feel so under prepared. Remind me to NEVER, EVER, sign up for a spring half!!! I loathe cold, and training outside has been torturous!!! I thot about not going, but I signed up with group from work, and "it would'nt look good'. Or maybe Ill be more embarrassed if I do go??

2. My daughter was home last weekend. We had a kid movie night and watched American Tail.  Remember Feivel? A mouse from Russia who comes the US and gets lost... and eventually finds his family.  I forgot how scary this movie can be!!

3.  I am deathly afraid of snakes!! Any snake. small, brown, green, baby. Any snake!!!! One night last week, I was dreaming. I was with my daughter and she had to go somewhere, NOW!! I was getting into my van and on the floor board was a HUGE WHITE BOA constrictor!! Im not sure how I could see the whole 1000 foot long thing, while it was just on my floor board, but this is a dream......I screamed and slammed the door.. I woke up from my dream to hear  my husband hit the floor. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw him, fists clenched, ready to pounce. He looked at me, and asked, whats wrong? It took me a few seconds to compose myself, and I quietly admitted, 'I was dreaming about a snake."  He didnt console me, just commented, 'Dumb woman." and went back to sleep.  The next day, he said, I screamed so loud that he thot someone was in the house, and he was going to have to do battle.

4. My microwave died. Its been in the family for 20 years!! My exercise fan died. The fan beside my bed died (my husband has a fan blowing on him 365 nights a year) .And my mixer died. The mixer was last summer, but it desperately needs replaced!!

5. Im desperately looking for some free time!!! I received a book, The Half Stitched Amish Quilting Club, from Collette!! I cant wait to sit down and lose myself in a fiction book!!! Nothing to do with eating, or running, or finances!! Speaking of Collette, she has an adorable etsy shop!!