Friday, February 8, 2013

I needed a swift kick in the rear!

And I got it from Amber and Rachelle.  Neither of them said anything to me or sent me an email. They just challenged me in their own quiet way.
This time of the year, every single year,  I find myself in funk. I feel blah, Im tired of snow, I wan to moan and groan and complain!

Rachelle posted her virtual 5K on Wednesday. Rachelle doesnt know this, but she has been a very big inspiration to me!! She takes time out of her busy day to encourage me on my posts. (she even taught me its ok to rant!!) SO, this morning, after almost three weeks of absolutely no running,(lots of walking tho) I decided to get off my duff and start again!! It took me 44 minutes to do 3.1 miles. I did it with 5 minute runs 3 minute walks. (Week 5 day 1 of C25K) Im not using this time as my final time for grandmas birthday, because I still have until the 21st to add some speed!. Thanks Rachelle, for giving me the push I needed to 'move it'.!!

Amber is my daughter. She now has a blog. Go check her out. Go ahead, Ill be here when you get back.
She was recently diagnosed with Lymes disease. Suffered from lots of joint pain!, BUT she didnt let that stop her! She pushed thru!! Over Christmas break she went to the gym with her dad, Body Pump, Spin, Body Combat.  She walked every single day. Snow and ice did not stop her. 

She has an amazing life story, (a blog post in its own). BUT, she has managed to work thru pain, and frustration and lose 122 lbs so far. Shes an amazing inspiration!! And she hides the Peanut Butter M & Ms when Ive eaten to many!!!


  1. You must be so proud of you daughter. She sounds very inspiring and I hope she succeeds with those awesome goals she has.
    Good luck with your run too!

  2. I went over to Amber's blog. She's such an amazing young women. I know you are extremely proud of her! I'm back running again too. Only this time, no plan. Just going out and running as much as I can and then fast walking and starting up again. Not timing or using a GPS for distance. Right now, I'm just trying to find my running rhythm. Everyone told me it really takes a long time and I was too impatient last time around. So, this time, no time limits on what I achieve either. Fingers crossed...:)

  3. Way to be determined and see the 5k through. The thing is, we all have to leave off sometimes. You just pick up where you are and in a while you are back where you left off. :)
    What an amazing weight loss your daughter has made. I can imagine there are many other reasons you are proud of her. Going to check her blog out now!

  4. You're welcome! Way to get back running again and I know you will see a faster time by the 21st;) This weather is really getting to me too. I can't wait until spring!

  5. I just spend a long time reading Amber from the beginning to her last post and I became a follower. She has so much of you in her and she's such a great and awesome young woman. Amazing!!! Thank you for showing the way.
    I started back up running last week. My leg gives me fits all the time and the hurt, well it's a pain but since the doctor can't find anything I'm just going to keep trying and pushing and see where I can go and for how long.
    You are my inspirtation Deb, no matter what you just keep going. I need to do that too. I just gotta.
    Take care and have a blessed week.


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