Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekly Recap

Laura is hosting a series of virtual runs. It was a dreary cold windy day, so I opted to stay inside on the treadmill. That makes for a very boring recap!

I want to run faster!!! So I joined the Shrinking Jeans Couch to 5k challenge.  I jog during the walking sections and run a new level during the running parts. This was day two. 3.7 miles. (I ran it twice) I missed getting the 3.1 totals.

Weekly Recap:
Tuesday: 3.1 miles
Wednesday: 1 mile
Thursday: 1 mile
Friday: 6.2 miles
Saturday: 13.1 miles
Sunday: 1 mile

Weight: Down 2.6 lbs
December 30 2012   204.6
January 6, 2013    202.0

Run/Walk one mile a day for January........6 days
13 for 2013 races of any length. 3.  Vitamin K, Goofy Challenge, Virtual Series
Motivorgainzation This week I started the deep of CLEAN the bathroom. BUT this deserves a post of its own. I also followed the Flylady and did 15 minutes a day in the Dining Room.  Cleaned the baseboards. I FOUND CAT HAIR!! AND I DONT OWN A CAT!!! The previous owners did, and I guessing no matter how much I clean and sweep we will be finding hair. THIS is a BIG pet peeve of mine!!!
13 goals for 2013: I still need to come up with my big challenge for 2013. Something that I wouldnt normally do. Something that is a stretch for me, but still doable.
On the other goals.... Im having trouble with my sleep. Theres always one more thing I can do before I go to bed.  ARGHH. Have to work on this one!

Heres to a great week ahead!!


  1. Great job Deb! I used to do the Flylady years ago!

  2. Congratulations on the loss this week!

  3. What a great idea for how to improve your speed with the modification to the coach to 5K!


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