Saturday, December 1, 2012


Can someone PLEASE explain twitter to me??!?!?
I have an account, and I don't know how to use it!

I know that you use the @ and the #  but ................


  1. Ok, well, I'm of no help with this at all. I don't understand that whole 'hash tag' thing. I think that when you use the @ before someone's name that links the comment or whatever to them? Maybe? I'm sure it's simple but it's still over my head. If someone explains it to you, PLEASE share! :)

  2. hmmmm how to explain twitter...great way to unload what is on your mind or give a shout out (ie brag about an accomplishment). as you know the @ sign is used before the name of the person you want to acknowledge (like hey @tori7870 great job!) and the # is used "trend things"/get attention of the "masses". for example when talking about weight watchers on twitter one would use #ww or for sports it would be #mlb or #nfl or #stlcards. if you are wanting to "chat" with others on a topic (like #ww) you could search it using search feature and the hashtag. IMO there really isn't more to twitter than that. I find it a great place to vent/get things off my chest because others can sympathize but not try and help me fix it (like family sometimes does). by the way I am @tori7870 on twitter

  3. I mostly use twitter to get my blog out there. I also follow authors and get notices on new books coming out. other than that i feel like twitter is like facebook with ADHD.

  4. Thanks for joining the 5K A Day Challenge. Rules and a Tracking spreadsheet are on my blog


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