Friday, December 28, 2012

That Time When Mom Forgot To Log Out

so, from the title of this wonderful little post you can tell this is in fact not Debby... this is her daughter. She took it upon herself to use my computer this morning and conveniently forgot to log out. Now, I don't read mom's blog so I have no idea what she posts. However, I did scan over the first page and I saw that she also likes to take my pictures and post them without giving me the credit (but I still love her anyway). But she did just give me a big ole bowl of ice cream, even though I didn't ask for it... nor do I need it (since I am trying to lose weight .... WAIT A SECOND SO IS SHE! I give all of you permission to scold her for her ice cream with chocolate syrup eating!

So not to long ago was Christmas... so MERRY belated CHRISTMAS to all of you (assumingly) awesome people:) Here is a cute little picture from my favorite christmas movies "Winne the Pooh and Christmas Too"
And because this blog doesn't seem to have enough cuteness within it I shall leave you with this adorable moose

Dear Mom,
I will be kind and log out of your account as soon as I post this time. Next time I may just stay logged in... or post something crazy. But remember, I technically did not hack you so this is your fault :)
With Love,


  1. LOL - this is totally something my kids would do!

  2. :) it is great to here from the kids!

  3. Is she too old to spank!!! Kids!!

    Sounds like you have a great relationship with her. Enjoy every minute!!

    Keep focused!

  4. I bet Mike would do this too. Kids! :o)
    Love this post none the less.
    Take care Amber. Blessings!

  5. Ok, Debs NO MORE ICE CREAM! :) Love kids that make fun of us....hahaha


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