Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hope Endures Virtual Run

On December 2, 2008 Ashlynn passed away. Her still birth brought about a change in her mom Courtneys life, in her health. To honor Ashlynn and this life change,she hosted a virtual 5K. This 5K is to celebrate life, positive changes and in her words "never ending love".

Today was unseasonably warm for the our area! 62 degrees and I HAD THE DAY OFF WORK!!! I had lots of things on my todo list, but I made time to get outside!! 

I tackled hills today and used The Hope Endures as my distraction. I thot/prayed for my two dear friends struggling with physical problems.

The first is dear baby Syrus. After he was born, he would stop breathing without notice. He was flown to the closest childrens hospital. The latest... it looks like he had a stoke before he was born, and he is now suffering from seizures. He is on oxygen and they are doing further testing. His mom is a single mother and she is exhausted, and overwhelmed. BUT, she is so thankful that she was released and she can now be by her babies side. 

The second. Two weeks ago Ernie was driving a sleigh of Clydesdale horses. The horses were to pull Santa and Mrs Clause thru a parade. (Ernie has been doing this for over 25 years now.) The horses were spooked and became uncontrollable. Everyone was able to hop off, but Ernie. He was caught and dragged many yards. He has been in the hospital for two weeks, has had multiple surgeries to fix the many broken and crushed bones. He also has a hole in his cheek and hip. He will have many more surgeries and skin grafts!

Today I celebrate the life, family, love that these two men have surrounding them.


  1. That is so sad about Syrus and Ernie. I pray both healed quickly. Life changes quickly- we must enjoy it while we can.

  2. How heartbreaking about your two friends. It really puts everything in perspective when something like this happens.

  3. Oh my dear. Prayers for your friends. The 5k is such an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care Deb. Have a blessed afternoon.

  4. Oh, wow- two very sad stories. And I ran for Courtney, too. Can't imagine what that must be like for her every year at this time!


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