Sunday, November 11, 2012

Virtual Runs/Walks/Crawls

A Journey to Thin is hosting her Third Annual Thanksgiving virtual 5K. Run/walk/elliptical.
She has prizes that are not based on times, but on a random drawing.

From her blog: The THB5K is an opportunity for us to get active on Thanksgiving. In the past, Thanksgiving has been an opportunity for me, and probably many of you, to eat too much and sit around. This is something that I have worked hard to change in the last few years. While it’s ok to enjoy those delicious foods in moderation, maybe even altering the recipes to make them healthier, it’s also important to be active. And what better day to be active than when you can recruit your family members to be active along with you. The more the merrier and fun!

Daily Vitamin F is also hosting a Thanksgiving Day Virtual 3.1.
This is from her blog:  You can participate any way you want to, as long as you get 3.1 miles in. So, that being said you can WALK, SWIM, BIKE, DANCE, STAIR CLIMB, ROCK CLIMB, SKI, ELLIPTICAL, ROW, SNOW BOARD, HIKE…the list goes on & on. I’m just trying to encourage PHYSICAL FITNESS on the holidays!!!]  


  1. I'm heading there now to check themout. I'm really suppose to be heading to bed, 5:00 comes way to early but if I don't look now, I'll forget.
    Thanks for sharing. Blessings!!


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