Friday, November 2, 2012


Have you ever entered one of Suz and Allens Virtual Runs? If not, you really should!! EVERYONE wins a prize!!! They raise money for the Wounded Soldier Fund, Breast Cancer (Liz Hurley run), and I know there is one or two more, (but my memory fails me).

During the last virtual run for breast cancer, I ran 3 miles, on each for my aunt Mary, my Grandma Mary, my aunt Mabel.  My aunt Mary fought a hard fight for 11 years. She was a ray of light! Always had a positive attitude and talked about Gods grace and love. I miss her terribly!!

My prize?? A HANDFUL BRA!!!! I have entered more blog giveaways than I can count, trying to win one.
I was so excited when I found out I could choose this bra! I tried it on (NO PICTURES!!)  I LOVE the support!! Since Ive lost weight, AND gotten older, I tend to sag/droop/hang. When I tried on this bra, I felt lifted, supported,  It has two removable pads.
I wont be able to wear it running, but I love it for everyday, or for cross training!!

It even came with its own lingerie bag.
I was checking out the website and see that they are having a sale on Size Large. 
Thank you Suz and Allen for the wonderful prize!!


  1. I'm definitely going to check this out! I need something that at least makes me feel lifted instead of saggy. LOL

  2. I'm never heard of them, gotta check that out. I will also have to check out those virtual runs now that I'm back at the gym it's the perfect time.
    Take care Deb and have a blessed evening!

  3. I'm so glad you like it so much! Thanks for participating and for your support!


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