Friday, November 30, 2012

Foodie Pen Pal

I LOVE this program!!!  So far every single box has been wonderful.
Every month you spend a maximum of 15. in goodies and send it to someone. Someone else sends you a box of goodies!
For December the program is going to benefit the victims of Sandy.
"Instead of matching people up to send FPP packages in December, we’re going to use this group for good and raise some money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. There are two ways you can get involved" Visit The Lean Green Beans Blog for information. 

This month my box came from Julie from Julie Goes Healthy.
I didnt realize how bad the pictures were until I started pulling the post together. (and by then the food was GONE! So I couldnt retake the pictures.
The granola and kettle popcorn, CHOCOLATE!! What can I say other than YUM!!!! 
The organic pumpkin is waiting for my oven to be repaired, then I will make some cookies. Luna bars were new to me, and I LOVED them after a good run!! And these hard candies were amazing!! Thank you Julie for the amazing box of yummy goodness!! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bald Eagle

On Sunday we celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents house. I was at the sink washing some pots and pans before lunch. I noticed that quite a few cars were pulling off the road and people were getting out and looking at something. After about 30 minutes, I asked my dad for binoculars. LOOK WHAT I SAW!!!!!
My dad grabbed his camera and took this amazing picture. Two bald eagles were enjoying their thanksgiving (deer) meal.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Virtual Runs

6:30 AM. I am NOT a morning person. I would much rather be up late into the night!! BUT, Thanksgiving morning, this beautiful friend talked me into crawling out of my warm bed, and going for a walk! It was 31 degrees. See the frost on the ground behind me? As I stepped off my front porch I heard an Amish horse and buggy coming up behind me. I raced it to the top of the hill. (approx half mile) I won!!! It didnt catch me until we were two blocks from the top of the hill!!

 The sun was still behind the trees when we started. By mile 4 it was starting to peak thru the trees. This picture does not do it justice! The frost was glistening, and the sun was brilliant between the branches.

I used this walk as my virtual races for today. The first 3.1 one miles were for Daily Vitamin F's Thanksgiving Virtual.
My printer is not communicating with my printer right now, so here is picture of my bib. My time was approx 50.02

I used the next 3.1 miles for the Thankful Healthy Blogger 5K.  Time for this was 50.03.
We continued on and finished with a total of 11.35 miles in 3 hours and 11 minutes (pace 16:53) Pretty good for two women out for a walk/talk!

Skinny Snowman Challenge

Brooke from Not on a Diet is hosting a Challenge.

Sign up by November 23rd at 9PM
Runs from November 25th to December 29th

Skinny Snowman Challenge Rules

Weekly Point Chart

Monday, November 12, 2012

Frosty Fitness Challenge week one

The Frosty Fitness Challenge is being hosted by Michelle and Sarah.
This is a 5 week challenge. Each week they introduce a new challenge for that week.

This weeks challenge is:

The challenge for this coming week (November 12-18) is run  20K.  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Virtual Runs/Walks/Crawls

A Journey to Thin is hosting her Third Annual Thanksgiving virtual 5K. Run/walk/elliptical.
She has prizes that are not based on times, but on a random drawing.

From her blog: The THB5K is an opportunity for us to get active on Thanksgiving. In the past, Thanksgiving has been an opportunity for me, and probably many of you, to eat too much and sit around. This is something that I have worked hard to change in the last few years. While it’s ok to enjoy those delicious foods in moderation, maybe even altering the recipes to make them healthier, it’s also important to be active. And what better day to be active than when you can recruit your family members to be active along with you. The more the merrier and fun!

Daily Vitamin F is also hosting a Thanksgiving Day Virtual 3.1.
This is from her blog:  You can participate any way you want to, as long as you get 3.1 miles in. So, that being said you can WALK, SWIM, BIKE, DANCE, STAIR CLIMB, ROCK CLIMB, SKI, ELLIPTICAL, ROW, SNOW BOARD, HIKE…the list goes on & on. I’m just trying to encourage PHYSICAL FITNESS on the holidays!!!]  

Friday, November 2, 2012


Have you ever entered one of Suz and Allens Virtual Runs? If not, you really should!! EVERYONE wins a prize!!! They raise money for the Wounded Soldier Fund, Breast Cancer (Liz Hurley run), and I know there is one or two more, (but my memory fails me).

During the last virtual run for breast cancer, I ran 3 miles, on each for my aunt Mary, my Grandma Mary, my aunt Mabel.  My aunt Mary fought a hard fight for 11 years. She was a ray of light! Always had a positive attitude and talked about Gods grace and love. I miss her terribly!!

My prize?? A HANDFUL BRA!!!! I have entered more blog giveaways than I can count, trying to win one.
I was so excited when I found out I could choose this bra! I tried it on (NO PICTURES!!)  I LOVE the support!! Since Ive lost weight, AND gotten older, I tend to sag/droop/hang. When I tried on this bra, I felt lifted, supported,  It has two removable pads.
I wont be able to wear it running, but I love it for everyday, or for cross training!!

It even came with its own lingerie bag.
I was checking out the website and see that they are having a sale on Size Large. 
Thank you Suz and Allen for the wonderful prize!!